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  • Mindful Monday 25 May 2020

    Hello everyone,

    Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and enjoying this fabulous sunshine, it really is something to be grateful for isn’t it.

    This weeks Mindful Monday is all about gratitude.  Did you know that being grateful and noticing the wonderful things in our life can really help us feel positive, how great is that!!

    I had a friend who started a gratitude jar with their family and everyday they write something they are grateful for on a piece of paper and put it into the jar!  You too can make yourself a gratitude jar, more about that further down the post!

    An Attitude of Gratitude! 

    Here is a video where a little boy explains all about what gratitude is, enjoy watching….

    Activity Time!

    Gratitude Jar

    So now you know more about gratitude, why not try this fabulously fun activity, making a gratitude jar! I know I am going to have a go at making one.

    You can decorate them however you like I would love to hear what ideas you come up with to decorate yours.  You can write your gratitude’s on different coloured paper or different shaped paper (think hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, cars) or you can find things you are grateful for and put them inside, for example, I have a shell I am going to put in mine as I am grateful for the oceans and all the sea animals.  You may want to fill your jar with gratitude stones, you could paint a picture of what you are thankful for on them or write what you are thankful for and pop them into your special gratitude jar.

    I absolutely loved this story below about a little boy and his gratitude jar, I hope you enjoy listening to the story too, it may help give you ideas for your gratitude jar?

    Or instead of a jar you could make a gratitude tree like this one below…

    Mindfulness For Children — Gratitude Tree For Thanksgiving - Blissful Kids

    This person has drawn a gratitude jar on a piece of paper and is going to write what they are thankful for inside the jar, another great idea!

    Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Activity

    Why not try this gratitude scavenger hunt activity with your family?

    Gratitude Scavenger Hunt to help kids be thankful

    Quiet Time

    Here is a little activity you can do before bed.

    And finally here is a little mindful story you can try, you may want to listen to this somewhere cosy and relaxed, in a chair, in a little den or maybe when you are in bed about to go to sleep, enjoy…

    I am so grateful that you read and listened to my blog, thank you very much.  See you next time!

    Lots of love

    Mrs Mitzman xxx


  • Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

    Hello again,

    Where the Wild Things Are read by Mrs Howe

    Reading my very, very, very favouritist story ever I think.  Can anybody remember the name of my eldest son?  Once you listen to this I bet you will.  What made me read this story in particular today is that one of the children sent me a video and they were reading a story and the character’s name was Max.  

    Do you think Max really went over days and in and out of years to get to the place where the Wild Things live?  Are they real or pretend do you reckon?  What would your wild thing look like?  Could you make one?  I made a sock puppet for the characters when my boys were little.  There are so many activities you can do with this story.  You could use 2D and 3D shapes to make your wild things.  You could count how many terrible teeth they have.  Have we got more or less do you think?  Estimate before you count and check.  Could you make some wild thing feet from cardboard and stomp about like them?  One of my favourite things about the story is that the author uses the word rumpus.  What do you think that word means?  Could you think of other words that mean the same thing?  Email us with your photos and ideas please.

    We miss you very much and wish we could sail in and out of weeks to see everyone.  Until then, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

    Best Where the Wild Things Are Activities for the Classroom                                                      Where the Wild Things Are ActivitiesTh

    This is a different version.  The monsters sound really scary, beware!!!!


  • Mrs Bence’s stories 🦕

    Hello Nursery,

    I miss you all very much. I love all the photos, pictures, messages and videos that you have sent in. I thought you might like a story which I read to you when we visited the library.

    The dinosaur that pooped a planet read by Mrs Bence

    Love Mrs Bence x 🐝


  • Everyone Worries


    Hi children,

    We thought we’d post this for you to see, some of the other classes have too.  It’s a special week as we’re really looking at our well-being and making sure we’re ok.  Mrs Mitzman is super at looking after us (including the grown ups) and reminds us to take a breath when we’re feeling a bit aaarrgh!  This short little story can help us understand that everybody worries.  Sometimes we worry about big things, sometimes about little things.  Sometimes we even worry about worrying too much!

    Take a peek at the book and tell us what you think.  Maybe you’ve got some good ideas we can share with everyone.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

  • Mindful Monday

    Hello everyone, it’s Mindful Monday again and today is all about…..


    This was inspired by a superhero drawing emailed to us from Carter in Nursery.

    Thank you Carter for your fabulous work of art and for inspiring me to write this post!

    Have you tried making your own superhero just like Carter, well I had a go and this is mine below.

    My superhero name is Mystify and her super power today is love and kindness which shoots out of her bun in glitter and showers everyone she meets.  Her welly boots are super speedy and super springy which means she can get to places really fast!  I would love to see your superhero pictures too!

    You may want to change your superhero power depending on how your are feeling that day, sometimes it may be courage or sometimes peace or kindness, it’s your choice, sometimes you may want to tell yourself that ‘you can do it’ if you are a bit nervous about trying something out for the first time?


    Sometimes you might need help to find your superhero power, did you know that even superheroes need help too?  They sometimes feel anxious, nervous, worried or scared, so do you know what they do when they feel like this?  Well they use their superhero breathing of course, you have probably seen them doing it, it looks like this superhero in the picture below, Mystify is doing it too in my drawing above.

    Here is what you need to do:

    1. Stand up tall with your feet hip width apart (like the superhero above).
    2. Put your hands on your hips.
    3. Keep your chin up, shoulders down and chest out. You could even pretend that you have a cape on!
    4. Now take 3 nice big slow deep breaths in and out (Merry Hill children are very good at this).
    5. After your 3 breaths you may want to tell yourself what your superpower is, it could be “I am strong” or “I am confident” or “I am calm”.

    Have a go and see how you feel afterwards!

    Love and kindness is Mystify’s special power today so she thought she would send you this activity to do, have a go and see how you feel after, it’s a lovely feeling to be able to spread some love and kindness to those around you.

    Do you have some playground chalk at home?  If you do you could try the following activity and pretend you are a superhero flying through the air.

    How about trying the Spider Power yoga pose from Cosmic Kids below;

    Mystify is off now to save the planet so may your day be full of love and kindness everyone,

    Take care,

    Lots of love,

    Nursery xxx



  • Green eggs and Ham taste test

    Hello Nursery,

    Did you enjoy the Green eggs and ham rhyming story that Mrs Howe read?

    Do you remember the character in the story and how sure he was that he didn’t like the taste of Green eggs and ham? He really didn’t want to try that new flavour did he? Do you ever feel like that when Mummy or Daddy cook you a new dinner or put something new on your plate that you are a bit worried about tasting? Well, the character in the book took a risk and tasted the green eggs and ham and guess what? He loved it and it was his new favourite food. Do you think he felt proud of himself for trying something new?

    At my house this week my children have tried some new tastes, they were a bit nervous at first but they did it. My son helped to make bubble and squeek cakes to go with his sausages and he liked them. My daughter who really loves plain food tried some sushi and soy sauce and really suprised us when she gave it a thumbs up. Did you know that children aged 3/4 may need to try something 15 times before developing a taste for it?

    Maybe you could try a taste test activity at home. Can you find out which foods are salty, sour, sweet, spicy or bitter? When you taste the food use some describing words to tell your grown up what you think. Could your grown up give you some new words to use to help you explain the taste and texture of that food. To make it more fun you could use a blindfold.



    You could explore your sense of smell with some different smelling playdough. Here are a few ideas for your grown ups to use. Are there any flowers or herbs in your garden you could put into your playdough?

    It is really fun to help make lunch. Spreading that butter and chopping the fruit and vegetables will really help those hands to get strong. How about chopping up your ham with some clean scissors? Or making a silly face sandwich perhaps with a new ingredient that you haven’t tried before.



    Most importantly have fun, happy tasting and remember this from Green eggs and ham

    ‘You do not like them. So you say.

    Try them! Try them! And you may.

    Try them and you may, i say.’

    Love from Mrs Hill and all of the nursery teachers x

  • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

    Mrs. McHale's Third Grade Classroom - St. Joan of Arc School K-8    Hello everyone!

    Rather excited to share this book with you.  It’s another firm favourite of Nursery, Reception, Year 1     and Year 2.  There  are so many rhyming words!  Challenge yourself to see how many you can find.  The cat in the hat is trying something new to eat.  Have you guys tried anything new lately ?  I wonder if you could make some ‘green’ eggs using food colouring or colour the outside of the egg?  Will you be brave enough to try them?   They might be a bit funny looking!  What about making popcorn green?  If you didn’t fancy eating it you could use it to collage with.

    Green Eggs and Ham: Season 1 | Hambience | Netflix - YouTube

    Dr Seuss wrote a lot of stories that rhyme.  The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham being the most popular probably.  I love the rhythm of his rhymes and that makes it a lot of fun to read out loud.  Dr Seuss had been writing stories since before I was born, so that’s a long time ago.  He was born in Springfield Massachusetts which is where I went to University and was pretty famous in the area.   Read some of his books online.  What do you think about Dr Seuss and his stories?  Do you like them or not?   Discuss this with your families, you might have different ideas.  Count everybody’s choices one at a time.  You could make a list or a tally of your favourite Dr Seuss books.  You could try changing the words to the rhymes like the one at the top of the post.

    There are chickens that actually lay eggs that are green or blue.  Pretty cool huh?  They’ve got a cool name too Araucana and they come from Chile in South America.  Maybe you could find a map and look for that country.

    Another activity you could do is go on a colour hunt.  How many green things can you find?  Are the greens all the same or are they slightly different?  Sort the different shades, I bet they have different names too like leaf green, forest green and olive green.  Could you make up some colour names of your own?

    Free Green Eggs And Ham Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

    Try this game.  Draw a green egg on paper or card if you have any and cut it out  (use cardboard too and making lots makes it more fun).  Use a spatula and see if you can flip it.  You could write your everyone’s at your house’s names on the bottom and when you flip it over read the name.   You could put numbers on the bottom and read them out.  Maybe you could find that many objects too.  There are a lot of different ways you can play using the paper egg.  Make up some of your own and let us know please!

    Enjoy the story children and hope you’ve been doing Mrs Mitzman’s mindfulness activities.  She’s busy coming up with some more ideas.   We are all missing you very much and can not wait to see you.  Until then,  do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

  • Mindful Monday

    Hello Nursery,

    It’s Mrs Mitzman, how are you all?  We hope you are all keeping safe, staying well and looking after each other.  Thank you for all your wonderful emails, pictures and videos they make us so happy seeing you all!

    There are lots of changes happening at the moment aren’t there!  Here is a little activity you may like to do with your grown up, it’s all about changes that happen around you, can you spot any?

    I have really enjoyed my daily hour exercise, sometimes I go for a walk in the fields and sometimes I walk around Bushey.  I really enjoy looking at all the beautiful rainbows in the windows of the houses, perhaps I’ve passed your house and seen a rainbow in your window?

    It made me think how much I miss doing yoga with you and practicing our breathing every day.  Are you still practicing your yoga?  You were all getting so good at focusing and standing on one leg and balancing like a flamingo!

    I thought that I would read you a story it’s a mindful story all about a beautiful rainbow.  A mindful story means that you need to get comfy, cosy and relaxed and listen to it with your eyes gently closed.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you (it should be on the link below).

    How about doing some Cosmic Kids yoga – this one is all about Coco the Butterfly, Coco is changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  Can you spot the rainbow in the story?  Can you try the rainbow pose?  Keep practicing we look forward to seeing your poses when we see you next.

    Afterwards perhaps you could sing a long with Mr Tumble while he sings ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ you might want to sign along with him too using your hands?

    How about making your own rainbow?  Below is a simple rainbow experiment to try.

    To make your own rainbow, you will need:

    • a glass of water
    • a sunny window
    • a sheet of white paper

    Place a glass of water near a sunny window.  For best results, look for a direct beam of sunlight.  As the sunlight passes through the water the sunlight is separated into a spectrum of colours which form a rainbow.

    What happens if you change the size of the glass of water?

    What about if you were to put your hand on the paper?

    What happens if you place the paper further away from the glass?

    If there were no signs of rain would you be able to see a rainbow outside? Why or why not?

    We would love to see any pictures of your experiment or pictures of you doing your super duper yoga poses.  Also please let me know if you enjoyed the story, if so I have lots more so I would happily read to you again.

    Enjoy your day everyone,

    Love from

    All your nursery teachers xx


  • VE Day Celebrations


    Good Morning everyone,

    Have you heard, today is VE Day?  What does VE day mean?

    We found a video online, to help you understand.


    A couple of lovely activities we thought you might enjoy doing,  is making your own paper aeroplane, (grown ups included) decorate it, using the red, white and blue theme or any other colour you may choose.  Then you and your family could create your own fly past ! You could also make and decorate your own flags.  (Parents, you could make your home country flag too).

    I might even practise making  a paper aeroplane too.  Have a lovely day and weekend, stay safe.

    Love Mrs Jones

  • Goodnight Moon activity ideas

    Hello Nursery, it’s Mrs Hill here  I am really missing all your lovely smiling faces.

    I hope you are enjoying the story Goodnight Moon that Mrs Howe read for you?  You will need a good night sleep after all the playing at home you have been doing. It has been great to see all the pictures of the things you are getting up to with your families.

    We have had some ideas about things you could do at home inspired by the Goodnight Moon story.

    Can your grown up put some objects from the story on a tray (phone, red balloon, cow, bears, kitten, mitten, toy house, mouse, comb, brush, along with objects not in the story). If you look carefully they may have tricked you, some of the things on the tray are not in the story.

    Can you sort the objects into different groups? You may have to listen to the story a few times to remember.

    Can you think about how it would feel to go to the moon? What would you wear? What might you see on the way? What would you do when you get there?

    A fun activity would be to turn a doll or toy into a space person. Can you wrap them in silver foil? You could make a rocket for them to get to the moon. You could use things you have already like toilet rolls or empty cereal boxes.

    You could make some moon dough. You can add food colouring or dark paint, glitter, sequins or tin foil to make it shiny and sparkly.



    Before you go to bed tonight have look at the sky and see if you can spot the moon and stars. Is it a big round full moon or a crescent shape?

    Have fun !

    Love from all of the Nursery teachers x

  • Goodnight Moon

    Hello Nursery  and hello to anyone else who is having a peek at our stories.

    Our new story is  called Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and the pictures are by Clement Hurd.  I bet you guys remember what an author does but can you remember the very  long word for the person who draws the pictures?  I’ll give you a hint it – starts with the ‘i’ sound.  Do you remember who wrote the words and drew the pictures from the story we read last week?

    Goodnight Moon is a very old story written in 1947.   Some children in Year 1 had read last weeks story  at bedtime and wrote to  say how much they enjoyed the first story.  I thought it might be nice to read a bedtime story and I used to read this to my children all the time.  Of course, you can enjoy the story at any time of day! I’ve included a  link  below so that you can see the pages more clearly and of course there’s the link to the new story.

    The little bunny says goodnight to a lot of different things.  Have you noticed that they’re Nursery Rhyme characters?  Can you remember which ones?  There’s a little mouse on each page.  Where is he hiding?  While you’re listening, you might notice that there are some rhyming words.  Can you find them, maybe you are SO clever that you could think of your own rhyming words!

    We’ll post something a couple of more times this week.   Until then,  do good looking for adventures, clean out your ears for good listening and turn on your brains for good learning.

    Stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

    Story link Goodnight Moon          

    Words and Pictures Goodnight Moon

    Author vs. Illustrator – YouTube


  • Some more activities

    Happy First of May everyone!

    It’s been very blustery and rainy these last few days.  There’s a saying ‘good weather for ducks’.  What do you think that means?  Would you say it on a rainy day or a sunny day? How else could you describe the recent weather?

    I’ve been trying to dodge the rain drops on my walks but I’ve gotten pretty wet.  I’ve seen rainbows and some big puddles too.  It reminded me of when we read that book on rain, Splishy, Splash, Splash.  Do you remember it too?  It was a long time ago, November of last year.  It was before Christmas even!  That seems like a very long time ago now.  Do you remember using the really big sponges, soaking them in water and pretending they were rain clouds?  My favourite bit was when we jumped in the puddles!  We got a bit wet even though we wore our wellies and had to change our clothes but we didn’t mind one bit, we had soooooo much fun!!!!    Fancy some virtual puddle jumping with me?!

    Mrs Hill found some really lovely ideas on Pinterest  that are easy to do at home and you can use anything around the house (see the links below) .  It doesn’t need to be the same as the pictures, you can choose to do it anyway you like.  There’s no rush either.  Taking your time over things and trying different ways of doing them is being really resilient and using your noggin.   You could make a nest for the ducks or make some bird food.  You could make some binoculars to decorate and then use them to bird watch.  Be patient, and very still when you bird watch, you don’t want to scare them away.  Be persistent.  Lots of ideas for you.  I know that Mrs Hill would love to see your creations so please email if you’re able to.

    We’ll have some new things for you to do on Monday.  I will be reading another story.  Mrs Mitzman is working on some mindfulness things for you to do as she knows how much you enjoy your breathing and yoga, maybe everyone at your house might like to join in.

    Until then children, do good looking for adventures, clean out your ears for good listening and turn on your brains for good learning.

    Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

    Mrs Howe


  • Activities for Quacky Quack Quack

    Hi everyone,

    Mrs Jones here, hope you and your families are well.

    We all thought you might like to try one of these activities with your grown up(s).

    Could you sing along to the five little ducks song on YouTube, maybe draw some duck faces on the tips of your fingers and count along.  You could try making a duck out of your recycling or using some playdough. Another story about ducks is I wish I had duck feet by Dr Seuss, could you maybe make your own duck feet and waddle like one.

    Have fun and tell us about it, Love all of the Nursery Team x

    The links are below



  • Quacky Quack – Quack! by Ian Wybrow

    Hello Nursery!

    This is Nursery’s first blog and we thought we would do one of our favourite things – read a story.  This is a funny book that Mrs Howe used to share with her big boys when they went to Nursery.  They really liked it and they would go and feed the ducks too.  Luckily, it was never as noisy!!

    Click or copy and paste the link below into your browser bar and watch the video.

    Have you ever fed any ducks?  There’s a big pond in Bushey, maybe you could go and visit it.  See what you can learn about ducks, what are their babies called?  Do ducks live just on water or land or both?  What do they eat?    Lots of questions to keep you busy.

    We’re still learning how to do this and we will be persistent in getting better.  All the Nursery teachers are missing you very much and hope that this is a good way of staying in touch.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog!

    Mrs Howe, Mrs Jones, Mrs Mitzman, Mrs Hill and Mrs Bence

  • Activity Pack – 23rd March

    Dear Nursery Children,

    All the teachers in Nursery have put this pack together for you to have fun with.

    Take care and stay healthy,

    The Nursery Team