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  • Ancient Amphibians

    Hi Reception,

    I hope you have all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend? Who had fun making bubbles?

    Last week we took a plunge into the Jurassic seas looking at Opthalmosaurus, the dolphin looking sea reptile. This week we are looking at a giant amphibian (Koolasuchus) who lived at the time of the Dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous period! We have many amphibians today such as frogs, toads and salamanders, but this one was far bigger and hungrier. Just like todays amphibians Koolasuchus lived on land and water, but was far better swimming than it was plodding on land!

    Did You Know?

    · Koolasuchus inhabited rift valleys in southern Australia during the Early Cretaceous. The area was below the Antarctic circle, which meant it was cold!

    · It was the top aquatic predator in its environment, as it is likely crocodiles could not survive in the cooler temperatures allowing it to reign supreme.

    ·  The fossils left behind are very few in number, making it very mysterious to palaeontologists (experts who study fossils).


    • With an adult, you could try and see if you can spot any amphibians and take some photos? Maybe you have some in a tank at home, or maybe there will be some in a nearby stream or pond…


    Please send any questions/ pictures here:

    Mr. Salih

  • Bubble Fun

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

    The weather is forecast to be really nice this week so why not have some fun making bubbles:

    To make a Big Bubble Blower:

    1. Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle (adult to help)
    2. Put a sock over the end of the bottle and secure with an elastic band
    3. Dip the bottle into a mixture of washing up liquid and water and then blow


    This idea comes from the blog ‘ABC Does’ by Alistair Bryce-Clegg. There are some fantastic fun ideas on there. Here is the link:

  • Sensory Ice

    Hello Elephants and Zebras,

    I really hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather. Here is a little frozen art activity you might like to try.

    Go outside and collect any natural items, such as grass and flowers. Put these in a container (could be an ice cube tray, a plastic bowl, a Tupperware box or a plastic cup). Fill the container with water and put it in the freezer.

    Tip: use cooled boiled water to make your ice clear rather than frosted.

    Frozen Eggs (adult support needed):

    1. Crack the top off an egg carefully
    2. Empty contents
    3. Fill with flowers or other found objects
    4. Fill with water and put in the freezer overnight
    5. Run under the hot tap and then peel off the shell


  • Swimming with Ancient Reptiles!

    I hope you enjoyed  the mental health awareness blog, and I know you will be showing everyone around you kindness!

    Last week we looked into some amazing facts about the largest flying reptile Quetzalcoatlus, and this week we’ll be taking a plunge into the Jurassic seas. Just like our oceans/seas today, they were bustling with life,  full of creatures from giant fish to colourful reptiles and terrifying crocodiles. One amazing creature was Opthalmosaurus, an Ichthyosaur that looked very much like a Dolphin!

    Did You Know?

    ·  Opthalmosaurus specialised in eating squid, due to its specially adapted jaw.

    ·  Ophthalmosaurus means “eye lizard” in Greek, which is no doubt due to its extremely large eyes that could measure 9 inches across!

    ·    It’s large eyes were thought to help it hunt in dark, gloomy conditions where there was little light.


    • If you have Netflix or Youtube/Dailymotion, with a parent’s supervision you could watch the Walking With Dinosaurs show (episode Cruel Seas) and send in any facts you found interesting to the email address below?  Click here for the episode. 
    • One of Opthalmosaurus’s cool adaptions were massive eyes to help it see in the dark. Maybe you could draw your own sea reptile and label its features!

    Please send any questions/ pictures here:

    Mr. Salih


  • Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness.

    Kindness is so important. It is not only important to be kind to others but also to be kind to yourself. Taking time to do something you enjoy, occasionally treating yourself to your favourite snack, having nice thoughts about yourself and your abilities are all things you can do to be kind to yourself.

    Being kind to others and also to yourself, not only cheers other people up but also helps you to feel good too. Whenever I help someone, or help to make them happy in some way, I always get a warm happy feeling inside.

    We are very kind in Reception and great at using kind words, doing kind actions and having kind thoughts. I know you will all be great at the following activity:

    1. Think of kind things that you have done today or that you have experienced and write them on strips of paper (you can have a go at writing them or tell them to your grown up who can scribe them for you)
    2. Connect all the strips of paper together to form a chain
    3. Whenever anyone does anything kind add another link to your chain


    Can you make your chain go all the way around your room?

  • The Great Pet Sale

    Hello, it’s Miss Smith here. I have recorded a video of me reading the story ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen. It links in really nicely with this weeks home learning activities (I apologise for the noisy wind in the background, hopefully you can still hear me!)



  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a Quetzalcoatlus!

    I hope you have been having fun and working through your school activities!

    Last week we looked into some amazing facts about the titan dinosaur that was Argentinosaurs. But due to its massive size, it plodded along the ground and ate vegetation. However, there were giant flying reptiles that ruled the skies. The largest of these giant flying reptiles (Pterosaurs) was called Quetzalcoatlus, and it was the size of a small plane!

    Did You Know?

    ·    Quetzalcoatlus has an estimated wingspan of up to 11m (339 ft).

    ·   Despite being able to fly, it used to walk on all fours on land!

    ·    Quetzalcoatlus was an incredibly powerful flyer, able to fly for 7-10 days at speeds nearly reaching 80mph! Thats faster than a car on the motorway…

    ·    A newly discovered flying titan Hatzegopteryx has been estimated to be perhaps even bigger!


    • Maybe you could make your own flying pterosaur out of paper? What colour would it be? How would you fold it to make its wings longer, and fly further?
    • Could you find any other pterosaurs, then send an email telling me about your favourite one and tell me why?

    Please send any questions/ pictures here:

    Next week, something lurks in the deep! What could it possibly be?

    Mr. Salih

  • Your Mindful Garden

    Mrs Mitzman has made a wonderful calming video all about a beautiful rainbow. You can find it in the link below or pop over to the Nursery blog to read her post.

    It is a mindful  story so get comfy, cosy and relaxed and listen to it with your eyes gently closed.

    Your Mindful Garden is a great App where you can practise some of the mindful techniques we use at school, such as calming breathing. Your grown ups can read all about the App here:

    I loved doing the frog breathing!

  • More VE Day Activities

    This VE Day Party Pack has some lovely craft ideas in it. You could try making the colourful bunting or your very own flag, there’s even some more cooking recipes for you to try.

    How about making your very own VE Day artwork. Look at this lovely sponge painting idea:

  • Mrs Slight’s VE Day Menu (with the help of Lottie, Libby and Matilda)

    Friday morning in the Slight house will be go, go, go. My three girls and I will be cooking and creating so we are all able to sit and enjoy the VE Day celebrations. All these recipes are nice and simple and you might already have most of the items in your cupboard at home.

    Make sure you have a grown up with you when you are in the kitchen and always help to clear up after.

    Are you able to create your own menu so other people in your group know what you are having?


    Make some simple cupcakes and decorate with red white and blue icing or sprinkles

    Victoria Sponge

    A traditional Victoria Sponge with jam makes a very pretty centre decoration

    Jam Tarts

    Short crust pastry willed with your favourite flavoured jam

    or you can just get some ready rolled shortcrust pastry and line a cupcake tin, fill with yummy jam.


    Scones with clotted cream and jam are so very English

    Follow Matilda Ramsay as she makes scones:


    Make your favourite sandwich or try one of these; egg, cucumber or tuna. Cut into fingers, don’t forget, cut the crusts off, just this once!!

    Sausage rolls

    Squeeze out the meat form 6 sausages, get some ready rolled puff pastry and put the sausage meat along one edge and just roll it up.

    Cheese and marmite sausage rolls

    Lay some ready rolled puff pastry out, cover with marmite and grated cheese. Roll up and cut into thin slices. Pop in the oven

    Homemade Lemonade

    Mix the juice of 6 lemons to a jug of water

    Add 150g caster sugar and stir for the prefect Cloudy Lemonade.


    Sit back on a rug in the garden or clear a space in the front room and enjoy this lovely picnic while celebrating VE Day.

    Send some pictures in of your yummy creations, I will add ours and pictures from our day next week.

  • The Biggest Dinosaur Ever!

    Hi all,

    Thank you for sending in your amazing pictures and really interesting questions on T-Rex last week! I hope you have been inspired by Mrs Parente to grow some plants, especially when we’ve had so much sun.

    Last week we looked into some really cool facts about T- Rex. Believe it or not, the biggest dinosaur ever was many, many times bigger! Its name was Argentinosaurus and it was the largest land animal in history!

    Did You Know?

    • The name Argentinosaurus is pronounced: “AHR-gen-TEEN-uh-SAWR-us”.
    • Argentinosaurus was so heavy it could weigh up to 100 tons and measured over 30m long.
    • Despite its size, Argentinosaurus was a plant eater.
    • Argentinosaurus eggs were the size of a beach ball!


    • With an adult, could you find Argentina on a map/globe?
    • Argentinosaurus was super long, maybe you could measure how long it was with a trundle wheel or tape measure?
    • Finally, could you have a go at making an Argentinosaurus egg out of card or papier mache? You could use a football/beachball as a size comparison!
    • Please send any questions/ pictures here:


    Next week, a flying giant! What could it possibly be?

  • Planting

    Hi everyone, it’s Mrs Parente here, I hope you are all well.
    At the start of lockdown my daughter Lola and I planted some seeds in small pots and left them on our window sill, after a week we could see tiny seedlings emerge. We then moved them to our summer house. Everyday we have watered the pots and ensured that they had plenty of sunlight. Five weeks on and they are doing very well, we have Chillies, Peppers,Parsley and some tiny Radishes.
    Maybe you can grow some and send us your photos?
    It’s now a good time to grow tomato seeds, even if you haven’t a garden they will start to grow really well in little pots on a window sill. Remember to water them everyday.
    Keep safe and well.
  • Camping

    Hello Reception, it’s Miss Smith again here.

    We have loved receiving your emails and hearing all about what you are doing at home.

    Quite a few of you have told us about some camping adventures you have been on. They look so fun that I thought I would share the idea with everyone. Some of you have camped in tents in your back garden whilst others of you have had a family camping adventure on the driveway in a super cool camper van.

    Now I know that the weather is not very good today and a little rainy so you may all think I’ve gone a little mad suggesting that you go camping in the garden! However, when the weather is so dull and rainy I always feel like snuggling up and sometimes even finding somewhere covered to hide. So how about making your very own tent or den inside your house?

    You could use cardboard boxes or a table (be careful not to hit your head) and a large blanket or sheet. Look at these examples:

    I really like the way that in one of the pictures they have just used a sofa, its large cushions and a sheet to make their den. Try adding in some soft cushions to make it nice and comfortable inside.

    Often when people go camping they have picnics. Maybe once you have made your den you could lay a little blanket or tea towel on the floor and have a snack or pretend picnic. You could even invite your teddy or a dolly to join in.

    Hope you have fun!

  • How did a T-Rex clean its teeth?

    Hi all,

    I hope you enjoyed Miss Smith’s Joe Wick’s suggestion and are all keeping active. It’s important to keep moving and stay healthy!

    We have often been talking, drawing and reading about Dinosaurs in class. We even read about one which managed to somehow poop a planet! I studied history so have always been fascinated by things from the past.

    I’m sure all of you have heard of. T-Rex, as I have heard you making his roars in the playground and playing with toys in the classroom/sandpit! I know some of you have seen a fossilised T-Rex skeleton in the Natural History Museum down in London.

    Did You Know?

    • T-Rex’s full name is Tyrannosaurus Rex, which means Tyrant Lizard!
    • Even though T-Rex was big and heavy, he was still very fast and could run an estimated 25mph.
    • T-Rex’s head was so big and strong it could have bitten through a car.
    • Some of you have told me that Miss Smith and I may be taller than a T-Rex. Unfortunately a T-rex was a lot taller, and adults reached sizes larger than a double decker bus!


    Can you draw a picture of a T-rex? What colours would it have been? How big was it? What other dinosaurs lived at the same time as T-Rex?

    Have fun and send in your questions/ pictures here: 

    I look forward to hearing from you, and writing the next blog on the largest dinosaur ever!

    Mr. Salih


  • Hello Elephants and Zebras

    We are very excited about our new Reception blog.

    We thought we would start by making sure we are all keeping moving and doing exercise at home. Exercise is so important for keeping both your body and mind healthy.

    Have you been doing PE with Joe? Miss Smith has been doing it everyday. She’s finding it quite hard but is persevering and trying her best. Yesterdays session was really fun, Joe used a special ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

    You can give it a go here