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Year 1

  • Half Term Fun!

    Hi Year One!

    I hope you have been keeping busy.  The Goodwins had a great time joining in with the Rob Biddulph world record breaking draw along last week, as suggested by Miss O’Donnell.  Here are our results:

    I hope you have lots of fun activities planned for half term this week.

    Today I thought I’d show you how to draw a 3D hand picture as we have really enjoyed doing these in my house recently.

    You will need:

    Drawing paper, a pencil, felt tip pens/ colouring pencils


    1) Place your hand, or your grown up’s hand, on the paper making sure the fingers are spread out evenly.

    2) With a pencil or pen, carefully draw round the hand.

    3) With a felt tip pen draw a straight horizontal line starting from the left of the page. Stop when you reach the outline of the hand. You can use the same coloured pen or use different colours for each line.

    4) When you reach the hand outline draw a curved line across the inside part of the hand.

    5) Once you get to the other side of your hand, draw a straight horizontal line over to the right edge of the paper.

    6) Continue drawing lines in this way so they are roughly parallel, making sure that each time you reach a part of the hand (finger, wrist or palm) you curve the line.


    If you would like to you can colour in the stripes you have made.

    Here are the hands two of my children created:

    Take a look at these other shapes you can create in 3D using the same technique.

    Let us know how you get on by sending us any pictures you do at home.  We love to read your e mails and see what you have been doing.

    Happy Drawing!

    Love Mrs. Goodwin x

  • Drawing club!

    Hello Year 1!

    We hope you have been enjoying some of the lovely weather with your families – we certainly have! On the days when the weather isn’t so nice, we have been following Rob Biddulph on YouTube. He is an author and illustrator and teaches you how to draw characters from his books.

    Here are some pictures that Miss O’Donnell has done with her children. What do you think of them?

    If you would like to have a go at #DrawWithRob, then here are the details:

    Who would like to be a part of the World’s Largest Online Art Lesson? On Thursday 21st May at 4pm, you can take part in the attempt to make history for the largest online art lesson! If it is successful, it will go into the Guinness World Record book! Click on the link below to find out more!

    Please do send us some photographs of your drawings if you decide to have a go, but most of all, have fun!

    Happy drawing!

    From the Year 1 team 😊


  • Story time with Miss Bateman

    Hello Year 1,

    Lots of you have been emailing me to tell me about the wonderful reading you have been doing at home, which made me really miss one of my favourite parts of my days in Panthers…reading you a story!
    I hope you enjoy the story…and seeing my little helper!

    Cant wait to share a story face to face…keep reading and sharing stories with your family. I’ve been reading them to my niece over facetime…perhaps you could ask your grown up to help you video call a friend or relative to read them a story too? Or take some stories outside and read them in the beautiful sunshine this week.

    Miss you!
    Miss Bateman

  • A story about a kind giant with a big heart

    Hi Year One!

    I hope you are all keeping well and are thinking of kind things you could do for your friends and family as Mrs. Smith suggested in her blog.

    I have had several messages from Lion and Panther children thanking me for reading the Blue Kangaroo story and asking me to read another one.  So, at the weekend I recorded a second one for you all.

    I had to be super brave for this one as it involves the main character singing!!!!  (I recommend you ask your grown-ups to leave the room before you listen to it.  I’m used to singing in front of you, but not them!)


    Enjoy this lovely story by one of my favourite authors, Julia Donaldson, about an extremely kind giant- The Smartest Giant in Town.

    See you all soon,

    Love Mrs. Goodwin x

  • Kindness Counts!

    It is always important to be kind and we talk a lot at school about being kind to each other.  It is particularly important to be kind to each other at the moment.

    The grown ups in Year 1 have all been thinking about different ways they have been kind to others and how others have been kind to them.  Perhaps you have done some of these or have found other ways to be kind and helpful.  It would be lovely to hear about it; you could e mail us to tell us.

    Miss Bateman: “I recorded a story for my niece for her bedtime story and I made cookies for my sister and her family.”

    “For my birthday my family decorated the house and made me a special Dubai themed breakfast because my Dubai holiday got cancelled.”

    Mrs. Smith: “I have taken medicine and food to my neighbours when they couldn’t get to the shops.”

    “Someone left a rose on my doorstep on St. George’s Day.  Other neighbours got them as well so someone was being very kind.”

    Miss O’Donnell: “My neighbours have been baking cakes and giving them to us.”

    “I sent a parcel of goodies to my friend who has just had her first baby.”

    Mrs. Goodwin:  “A kind neighbour gave us seeds to plant because we couldn’t get to the shops, so soon we will have cucumbers, basil, onions and carrots!”

    “We all made cupcakes for Roseanna’s friend’s brother who was sixteen last week.  Roseanna also made bracelets to send to her friends.”

    Mrs. Barnes: “I have donated to the foodbank every week and Zach and I baked cakes and my sister took them to work at the hospital.”

    “My friends organised a disco on Zoom for my birthday.”

    Mrs. Gavriel: “I organised a collection of goodies for the staff at Watford Hospital.  A friend of mine works there and she took them in.”

    “My boys have been really good and doing chores around the house.  That has helped me a lot.”


    Keep being kind to each other,

    Mrs Smith

  • Hello Panthers and Lions!

    I have loved seeing all the wonderful photographs of things you have been up to and reading the emails from your families.

    I have been busy looking after my children as well as catching up on some of my own work for school! It is very strange being at home for such a long time, but I really hope you are enjoying some time with your families – we have been playing lots more board games which has helped my daughter with her maths skills!

    I know lots of people have been busy baking – we have been baking at our house too. Our neighbours have been sending us lots of treats too, so it’s a good job I am doing PE with Joe Wicks and going for daily walks!

    Here are some of the photos we have been sent – if yours isn’t here this time, it might be next time so please do keep sending them…..

    A big well done to everyone for working so hard at home and a big thank you to all the grown ups for helping the year 1 children with their learning!

    Keep sending us the updates of what you are doing, it really does cheer us up : )

    Miss O’Donnell

  • Hi from Mrs. Goodwin

    Hi Year One!  How are you all?

    I am loving reading the e mails we are receiving from you telling us what you have been doing.  I particularly like the ones with photos showing your lovely smiley faces that we are all missing so much.

    Recently in the Goodwin household we created some homemade cards to send to some of our family and friends.

    I made a 3D cat card for my cousin, Cate, who is celebrating her birthday on Sunday.  Roseanna, 9 years old, made a Stickman card for Auntie Michelle, Uncle Ric and Jack and included some holiday photos of special memories we have shared.  Charlotte, 12 years old, made a unicorn card for her friend Violet who was her buddy at primary school last year and celebrating her 6th birthday.  Ella, 14 years old,  made a very clever card for Nanny and Grandad by sewing paper hearts on to it.  Which is your favourite?…

    Maybe you could make a card or write a letter to somebody to give them a special surprise and cheer them up.  Tell them all the things you have been up to and remember to use your best handwriting so they can read the message!  If you’re not sure who to write a letter or card to, then send one to school for me or another school grown up please!!!  We all love receiving cards and letters and we really love the pictures you draw.

    I will be checking the post each Friday I go in to school from now on!…

    See you all soon

    Love Mrs. Goodwin  x

  • Hello from Mrs Barnes

    How are you all? I must say I am really missing you all and can’t wait to see you very soon.

    Last week my son Zach and I decided to read the book George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.  In the story the boy who is called George decides to create his own magical medicine using ingredients from around the family farm.  These included shampoo, floor polish, paint and anything else he could find.  

    Whilst in our garden Zach and I decided to make our own potion and filled a water bottle with things such as leaves, mud, twigs, chocolate milkshake, stones, flowers and grass. We even used a long stick to stir it. It smelt like rotten milk and looked like slimy, brown, witch’s brew.

    Can you make your own magical medicine?

    What can you find to put in it?

    What does it smell like?

    What does it look like?

    Can you use some adjectives to describe it?


    I look forward to seeing what you have created.  Email in some pictures and write a few sentences to describe your creation.

    See you soon

    Mrs Barnes 

  • VE Day Celebration Ideas continued

    Union Jack Bunting Clipart

    There are lots of ways you can celebrate VE day. How about making some bunting to decorate your window so people passing by can see it? There are lots available online, here is one from Twinkl who are offering free access for parents at the moment. – union jack template display bunting

    Or perhaps a picture that you could display: – VE Day colouring page

    Or you could make a plane: – spitfire glider paper craft activity

    Here is a  worksheet you might like to do:


    Keep busy and have fun

    The Year 1 Team

  • VE Day Celebrations

    Hello Lions and Panthers

    On Friday 8th May the country is commemorating VE day (Victory in Europe) as it is 75 years since the end of World War 2. Usually streets would get together to have street parties to celebrate this occasion. That is not possible at the moment but lots of streets are still planning to celebrate. My road is having an indoors street party. There are a lot of activities you can do and information you can research about this special time and how we can commemorate it. Let’s start with the drinks…As always ask a grown up to help you with this.

    Ginger Beer - Zero-Waste Chef

    1 gallon / 4.5 litres of boiled water
    1 lb / 450g sugar
    ½ oz / 14g yeast
    1 level teaspoon ground ginger
    1 level teaspoon cream of tartar
    1. Put the yeast in a basin with 280ml water and 1tsp of sugar.
    Stir and leave to stand until the yeast rises.
    2. Put the boiled water, sugar, ginger and cream of tartar into
    a large jug. Once the water is lukewarm warm, stir in the yeast.
    3. Leave to stand until cool, then skim well and bottle carefully.
    It will be ready for use in two days.

    The BEST Homemade Lemonade Recipe | Gimme Some Oven
    3 lemons
    2 oz / 55g granulated sugar
    2 pints / 1.2 litres water
    1. Peel the rind from the lemons and cut them into 1cm slices.
    2. Place the lemon rinds in a bowl and sprinkle the sugar over
    them. Let this stand for about an hour.
    3. Boil the water and then pour over the sugared lemon rinds.
    Allow this mixture to cool and then strain.
    4. Squeeze the lemons into another bowl. Pour the juice through
    a sieve into the sugar mixture. Stir well, pour into a jug and
    pop it in the fridge. Serve with ice

    More ideas to follow, come back to see more….

    From The Year 1 Team xx

  • Story Time with Mrs Goodwin!

    Hi Year 1,

    I hope you are all having a wonderful time at home. I was missing seeing you every Friday so thought I would read you a little story.

    I hope you enjoy!


    From Mrs Goodwin

  • Mrs Smith’s Cookies


    Hello Lions and Panthers,

    I have been doing some more cooking over the weekend. I made cookies and decided to make them a little bit different by adding Caramac, which gives them a delicious toffee flavour. It turned out to be a good experiment but as you can see from the picture I think I made them a bit big!

    My family said they were like Costco cookies which I think is a compliment! If you want to make cookies there are lots of suggestions online or someone in your family may have a good recipe you could try with a grown up helping you.



    Keep busy and have fun,

    Mrs Smith


  • Online Reading Books

    Hi Year 1’s!

    We have just found a really cool website you might like to use whilst at home. It is called ‘Story Weaver’ and it has got so many books you can read yourself or listen along to.

    You can even translate the books into other languages if you speak other languages at home with your families.  Have a go and let us know what books you’ve enjoyed so far.

    Miss Bateman’s favorite so far is ‘Rabbit becomes a chef’.

    Just click on the link below:

    Story weaver


    From Miss Bateman, Miss O’Donnell and Mrs Smith

  • Sunflowers

    Hello Lions and Panthers!

    How are your sunflowers? We hope you have been watering them and watching them grow.

    How tall are they now? Have you kept a diary of how tall they are each week? You could measure them using a ruler or even using a toy to measure them for example a piece of Lego or a building brick.

    Mrs Smith planted the left over seeds and as you can see, they are growing well! She put them into boxes so they don’t blow away and to keep the snails away.  Snails think that sunflowers are a delicious treat!

    It would be lovely to see how your sunflowers are getting on, send us some photos so we can see them.

    How many leaves does your plant have?

    Have you moved your plant into a different pot too?










    Speak to you all soon,

    Miss Bateman, Miss O’Donnell and Mrs Smith


  • Hi Panthers and Lions!

    Hi Panthers and Lions,

    We just wanted to say hello and that we are missing seeing you everyday at school. We hope you are enjoying all of the activities we have sent out in Merry Hill Matters. Please email your work to us so we can see!

    We have loved seeing lots of your rainbow pictures in your windows as we go for our daily walks…keep thinking of different ways to make your rainbows…Miss Bateman drew a rainbow on the wall outside of her house using chalk.  Which ways have you tried so far?

    Love from Miss Bateman, Miss O’Donnell and Mrs Smith x