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Year 2

  • Superheroes family course


    The Community Learning Partnership are running an online Superhero themed family English course for 6 weeks. Activities will include making costumes, comic strips, games and much more. Literacy learning is woven into the art and craft activities to help Key Stage One (age 5-7) children. The course is subsidised so it costs nothing to take part.

    Just click here to book:

  • Come With us on a Word Making Trail

    Miss Honnor and Mrs Summers went on a spot of socially distanced daily exercise together and look who they bumped into!

  • Super Writing

    This week we are thinking about what makes a good set of instructions. These children are already experts at instruction writing. We have loved reading your instructions and we think they would be very easy to follow.

    Yummy – Isaac’s Alien Food instructions:

    Chloe has correctly  sequenced these instructions:

    Cassius has written out the instructions he followed to make some delicious cakes:

    We have also loved reading your stories.

    This one is all about a beautiful bat and is written by Isabella:

    Joseph has written a story about his own made up character ‘The Oderfly’.  I was lucky enough to receive a video of Joseph reading his story once it was finished. It had a great ending. Georgie has been writing a diary everyday. Here’s one of her entries. I’ve noticed her handwriting is getting better and better everyday.

    Dexter has been attending his home school everyday and sending updates. Here he is sorting homophone pairs.

    Thank you Zach for these tricky tongue twisters:


    Here’s Finleys tongue twister:

    Tell the tale of a stripey tail who stole a tail from a female snail.
    The female snail loved her tail as much as any female.
    That is the end of my tale. 
    Daniel and Alex have both been reading at home. Here are their book reviews:
    Jasper and Ellie have both made fact files about Africa. They both taught Miss Honnor something she didn’t already know.








    Keep sending us your work. We love to see what you have been up to.

  • Everybody Worries

    Here is a picture book about The Coronavirus for children. It puts, simply, general worries children may have and reassures them about what they can do to keep themselves well and that this is a temporary situation. It’s well worth a read.

    Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman

  • Imperative Verbs

    This week we have been looking at instructional writing. Good sets of instructions contain imperative verbs. These are bossy words which tell us what to do. Here is a Powerpoint explaining what imperative verbs are in more detail.

  • Kindness

    Hello Year 2, See the source image

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness.

    I have been thinking about some of the kind things I have been doing for others while we are not school as well as the kind things people have done for me. I thought I would share a few with you.

    It was my birthday at the beginning of May, I received lots of cards in the post and  even some presents. I couldn’t see my friends so my Mum made me a tea party. Can you spot all the guests?

    I went to help my Grandma as she finds it difficult to walk. I got all the things she needed ready for her breakfast in the morning and made her a hot water bottle to go in her bed in case she gets cold. You might notice the spoon is a bit big! It is a joke we play in my family, my Nan thinks it is very funny.

    My sister works in a hospital so I sent some things to encourage her and her team to keep going even when things are tricky. Also I wanted to say a big thank you to them.


    This week we would like your help. Can you do something kind EVERYDAY this week? It might be for someone in your family, or someone that lives nearby or you might even decide to be kind to yourself.

    Click here for some ideas.

    We look forward to hearing about all the kind things you get up to this week.

    Miss Honnor and Mrs Summers

  • Maths is Everywhere

    Hi Year 2,

    It’s great to see that lots of you have been using TT Rockstars. We have been really impressed with how well you are doing on it.

    I’m sure you already know that Maths is all around us. Here are some ideas to find Maths everywhere – which activity have we already completed?

    Maths Everywhere - Year 2 (41 downloads)


    I have just read Mrs Summers post about online drawing tutorials with Rob. I’ve also signed up to take part in the world record attempt.

    Miss Honnor


  • Learn to draw

    We have been very lucky to receive some beautiful art work in our inboxes this week by Zach, Molly and Louis in Giraffe Class.

    Here is Zach’s excellent African Art:

    These are driveway pictures Molly made with her sister using chalks:

    And these are Owl pictures by Louis and his sister:

    Louis has been following online tutorials by Rob Biddulph. We have tried these tutorials in The Summers’ house and they are really fun to do. Here is Rob’s website:

    Louis has also informed me that Rob is asking for help to reach a Guinness World Record in drawing at home on 21st May at 4- 4:30.  I have already registered to take part myself!

    The details can be found here:

    Keep sending us your pictures. We love to see them.


  • Homophones

    This week in Year 2 we are continuing to think about Tongue Twisters and why they are so difficult to say. Many Tongue Twisters are alliterative and many contain homophones.

    Here is a Powerpoint explaining what a homophone is.


  • Multiplication


    Hi Year 2,

    We have been really excited to receive all your e-mails and impressed with how much you have all been practising counting up in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Maybe your grown- ups have shown you how to record using the ‘x’ symbol. It doesn’t matter if not.

    We have signed up to TTRockstars, which is an app or website you can visit everyday to practise your timetables. It takes less than 5 minutes.

    The first time you visit you will need to complete the ‘Gig test’. Then you can play the ‘Garage games’. When we log on as teachers we will be able to see how well you are doing.

    If you would like to give this a try please e-mail your teacher to get your login.



    There are some blog posts here that your grown-ups might like to read about learning multiplication and division. If you are reading this on your own please tell them.

    multiplication-a step by step guide for parents (22 downloads)

    Keep up the great counting!

    Miss Honnor and Mrs Summers

  • VE day celebrations


    On Friday 8th May 202 Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe. Usually, roads like the one I live on have a street party but as this is an unusual time we will be decorating our houses anyway and having our street party inside our homes. I will be making some red, white and blue bunting to decorate my house and have painted some union jack pebbles to put outside. We are also going to draw some flags on our driveways. If you would like to make some bunting click on the link below to find out how. Email us your creations.

    Here is a picture of the pebbles we painted in The Summers’ house. Why not have a go yourself and email us some pictures of your creations.

  • Tongue Twisters

    This week we are learning to read and recite tongue twisters. On the website below I was delighted to find hundreds of tongue twisters in 118 different languages! Click on the link and see if you can find some really tricky alliterative verses.

    Dr Seuss is also known for his rhythmic stories and tricky verse. Here is a link to a reading of Fox in Socks. A particular favourite of mine. What is it about the words in this book that make it tricky to read aloud?



  • Talk for Writing

    Talk for Writing trainer Jamie Thomas (friends with Pie Corbett) is writing a daily blog with creative ideas for teaching English and Maths at home. There are lots of different topics covered, all chosen by his children.

    Our favourites so far are wishes, potions and incredible pets. Do let us know if you decide to try any of his ideas.

    Follow this link to find the daily blog –

    Mrs Summers and Miss Honnor

  • Plants

    Hi Year 2,

    I went to school yesterday and was very pleased to see how our plants are doing. I took some pictures so you can see. I think some of the lettuce will be ready to eat soon. I didn’t need to water them as there had been plenty of rain!


    Have you been doing any planting at home?

    Keep smiling!

    Miss Honnor

  • Post it Game

    This was a game we played one evening in The Summers’ house when we were a little bored and found ourselves laughing for some time.

    You will need:

    Post its (or paper)


    2 people or more

    How to play:

    Decide who  is going first. (It was Mr Summers as he’s the oldest) . They choose a category and share it with you.  (He chose Star Wars) Each of you write one word from that category on a post it- Chewbacca, X-Wing etc. You then stick your word on the forehead of another player without them seeing it. Then the first player asks a question that can only be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the person on their left. Play moves to the next person and so on. The first person to guess their word is the winner. They can choose the next category.

    Can you guess the category I chose? I bet The Giraffes can… HP???