10 things to do before your bedtime

Good Morning,  Mrs Jones,  hope you had a good night sleep.

10 minutes can sometimes feel like a long time  and then can go quickly at other times. Time is very special because it helps us remember things. Things that we did yesterday will be the past, things that are happening today, right at this moment we call the present and things that we can plan ahead for, tomorrow or at the weekend will be in the future.   My children used to find waiting for a special day like a birthday,  a visit from someone and Christmas seemed to take a long time and then all of a sudden that day was here.  Have you tried counting your sleeps, when your waiting for a special day?

Here are 10 things you could try at home, before your bedtime.

  1. Play a board game or card game with your family.
  2. Can you Stack your pancakes, toast, fruit or cereals (dried ones) in 10 seconds.
  3. Dance to your favourite songs for 10 mins
  4.  If you have a pet at home how long does it take to eat its food?  How long does it take you to eat yours?
  5.  Preparing a snack with your grown ups does this take longer than 10 mins?
  6.  When you go out for your walk, can you time, how far do you walk in 10 mins?
  7.  How long will it take you to do 10 star jumps or/and  10 bunny hops?
  8.  Make a clock using a paper plate or empty cereal box
  9.  Make up some smelling jars
  10.  If you haven’t tried yet make some lavender sensory salt

Lavender has a lovely fragrance and some people feel it helps to relax and calm the mind. We have put it in our playdoh we have made in nursery before. Different scents effect everyone differently. My favourite scent at the moment is lemon.

Here are some links to the activities.





Hope you manage to take sometime to relax. Enjoy and we would love to hear how you get on.

Team Nursery !