Goodnight Moon

Hello Nursery  and hello to anyone else who is having a peek at our stories.

Our new story is  called Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and the pictures are by Clement Hurd.  I bet you guys remember what an author does but can you remember the very  long word for the person who draws the pictures?  I’ll give you a hint it – starts with the ‘i’ sound.  Do you remember who wrote the words and drew the pictures from the story we read last week?

Goodnight Moon is a very old story written in 1947.   Some children in Year 1 had read last weeks story  at bedtime and wrote to  say how much they enjoyed the first story.  I thought it might be nice to read a bedtime story and I used to read this to my children all the time.  Of course, you can enjoy the story at any time of day! I’ve included a  link  below so that you can see the pages more clearly and of course there’s the link to the new story.

The little bunny says goodnight to a lot of different things.  Have you noticed that they’re Nursery Rhyme characters?  Can you remember which ones?  There’s a little mouse on each page.  Where is he hiding?  While you’re listening, you might notice that there are some rhyming words.  Can you find them, maybe you are SO clever that you could think of your own rhyming words!

We’ll post something a couple of more times this week.   Until then,  do good looking for adventures, clean out your ears for good listening and turn on your brains for good learning.

Stay safe,

Mrs Howe

Story link Goodnight Moon          

Words and Pictures Goodnight Moon

Author vs. Illustrator – YouTube