Healthy Treats: Fruit Kebabs!

In Design and Technology we have been learning the skills of cutting and peeling. First we practised on playdough, learning how to handle the knife. We carefully used the knife to chop the playdough into smaller pieces and also how to slice safely.

After this, we learnt how to use a knife safely when cutting real fruits. We made sure we tucked our fingers in when holding the fruit and we moved our knife forwards and backwards slowly. We were very sensible!

Year 1 then taste tested a range of fruits and picked our top 3 favourites. From this, we then designed our own fruit kebabs based on which fruits we enjoyed the most.

Finally, we carefully followed our designs and made our very own delicious fruit kebabs.

Here are some pictures of our final products:

How to help at home:

  • Make an ‘Eatwell’ plate and explain why different types of foods are good for you
  • Under adult supervision, practise slicing different foods with a knife using the correct grip
  • Under adult supervision, practise peeling different fruits with a peeler