A Musical Wednesday with a Latin Feel!

Hello Children,

Today’s music has been brought to you from a country called Mexico!

Santana is a band formed by a man called Carlos Santana, a fantastic guitarist.  Carlos was born in Mexico which is in North America.  The band Santana created a new type of music which mixed some blues (remember last weeks Johnny Lee Hooker), along with a bit of rock and Latin american jazz,  a sound, which to be honest, you just can’t help but dance too!

Flag of Mexico - Wikipedia

This is the flag of Mexico, people who live in Mexico are known as Mexicans and speak mostly Spanish.

Have a listen to Santana below live in concert, the song is called Oye Como Va (Spanish for Hey How’s it Going)!  Feel free to dance, clap or sing along, get out your instruments and pretend your part of Santana!  What instruments can you hear and what instruments can you see, there are quite a few, how many could you name?

Santana – Oye Como Va (Live)

Until next time music fans keep rockin’!

Mrs Mitzman, Mrs Howe, Mrs Bain, Mrs Hill and Mrs Bence xxx