A Pack of Super Deadly Chickens!

Hi Reception,

We are back looking at more super dangerous dinosaurs! This week we are looking at one of the most famous predators that roamed our planet all the way back in the Cretaceous period, over 70 million years ago. Its name was Velociraptor, and it is very famous due to its appearance in the film ‘Jurassic Park’.

Did you know?

  • Unlike its terrifying appearance in films, Velociraptor was closer to the size of a chicken or turkey!
  • The name Velociraptor means ‘Speedy Thief’.
  • In Mongolia (2007), a well preserved forearm was found, which suggests Velociraptor had feathers and was not scaly!
  • Velociraptor had deadly talons, one on each foot could retract to help them hunt prey.
  • You wouldn’t want to run into a pack of Velociraptors, they were much faster than humans and could reach speeds of up to 40 mph!


  • A Velociraptor was covered in feathers just like today’s birds. When you go into the garden, or go on a walk with your grown up, see if you can find any feathers? What colours are they? What bird may it have fallen off?
  • A Velociraptor was super fast! If it ran 50m it could run it in just over 3 seconds. How fast can you run a 50m race? Ask someone to time you and see if you can beat the Velociraptor!

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Mr. Salih