A Very, Woolly, Rhinoceros!

Hi Reception,

It’s been so nice seeing some of you back at school! I know those of you at home will continue to have fun…

This week we are looking at a prehistoric mammal that lived long after the dinosaurs, but still a long time ago (from 350 to 10 thousand years ago)! It was called the Woolly Rhinoceros!


Did you know?

  • A woolly rhino could weight up to an estimated 2700kg … that’s super heavy!
  • A woolly rhino had a powerful hump, just like a camel, to help store fat and survive the very cold winters.
  • A wholly rhino’s front horn could reach up to 1.5m long and weigh 15kg. The second horn was a lot shorter.
  • A woolly rhino was very hairy, not like todays rhinos, and was covered in a thick reddish brown coat.



Could you do a drawing of a woolly rhino and decorate it? Maybe using some fur or string you could decorate it for fur? What could you fill the horn in with?

Please send any questions/pictures here: reception@merryhill.herts.sch.uk 

Mr. Salih