Adventures with Mrs Barnes

Hello Year One,

How are you all?  During the last few months I have discovered lots of local places to walk and explore.  I thought I would share with you all a few of the best places I have found so that maybe you can visit them during the summer holidays..

Here is a list of where the Barnes family have been – 

  • The Moatfield – Bushey
  • Drop Lane – Bricket Wood
  • Leavesden Country Park
  • Finch Lane – Bushey
  • Merry Hill Fields – Bushey
  • King Georges Park – Bushey
  • Whippendell Woods – Watford
  • Aldenham Country Park 
  • Bentley Priory – Bushey

We have had great fun exploring new places and finding our way home.  Maybe you could let me know of any other places you have found that I might like to visit.  You could even draw me a map of how to get there or draw me some pictures of what it looks like. I look forward to you sharing some new and exciting places for us to explore.  Keep having fun!!

Mrs Barnes