All About Boats

The fantastic weather has really helped our work about journeys as part of the Summer Fun topic. Today  in Reception we used boxes  to make  boats. We used pictures of different types of boats and ships to inspire us.



Some children started making paper boats and experimented with how to make the boats and then improve them. In the coming days we will investigate different materials to see which works best.



The children were very keen to problem solve any difficulties:

“I need to work out how to keep it together.” Hady

“I think the bottom needs to be flat for it to float.”  Ethan  “Yes, it floats!”

“It can float and have leaves in it!” Ethan


At home: 

Make boats out of paper or card, or other materials such as Lego and investigate which material is best and why.

Experiment with how fast the boat can go or how much cargo it can hold.

Race two or more boats or compare how many objects each boat can hold.