Ancient Amphibians

Hi Reception,

I hope you have all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend? Who had fun making bubbles?

Last week we took a plunge into the Jurassic seas looking at Opthalmosaurus, the dolphin looking sea reptile. This week we are looking at a giant amphibian (Koolasuchus) who lived at the time of the Dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous period! We have many amphibians today such as frogs, toads and salamanders, but this one was far bigger and hungrier. Just like todays amphibians Koolasuchus lived on land and water, but was far better swimming than it was plodding on land!

Did You Know?

· Koolasuchus inhabited rift valleys in southern Australia during the Early Cretaceous. The area was below the Antarctic circle, which meant it was cold!

· It was the top aquatic predator in its environment, as it is likely crocodiles could not survive in the cooler temperatures allowing it to reign supreme.

·  The fossils left behind are very few in number, making it very mysterious to palaeontologists (experts who study fossils).


  • With an adult, you could try and see if you can spot any amphibians and take some photos? Maybe you have some in a tank at home, or maybe there will be some in a nearby stream or pond…


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