Autumn Crafts


In the Summers’ household we have adopted a snow leopard and a tiger through The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Each month we receive an update about how the animals are doing in wild and we also get a “Go Wild” magazine which is full of fun activities to do. I thought I would share a couple with you in case you went on an autumn walk over half term and wanted to do something crafty.

Leaf Art

The leaves are falling from the deciduous trees are they are a range of beautiful colours. WWF suggest collecting as many different colours and shapes as you can and use them to make animal pictures. Don’t forget to take some pictures and email them to us.

Leaf Lantern

Choose some colourful autumn leaves from the floor and flatten them by putting them in between two heavy books.

Take a recycled glass jar and cut two pieces of greaseproof paper big enough to cover the jar.

Spread glue over one sheet of greaseproof and arrange your leaves on the glue.

Put glue over the leaves and place the other piece of greaseproof over the top. Put the heavy books on the paper until it is dry.

Cover the jar with the greaseproof paper.

Put a battery powered tea light inside. You have made an Autumn Leaf Lantern.

Enjoy your half term break!