Bean Planting

A few weeks ago Reception planted beans as part of our work about Jasper’s Beanstalk. The children have enjoyed watching them grow.

Some beans have grown faster than others and the children thought about why this might be.

“Some children planted their beans earlier than others so they’ve had more time to grow.”

“Maybe these ones didn’t get as much light as these ones.”

“They are growing slowly because it’s cold.”

“I think they’ve had too much water because it has rained so much. They are too full of water.”


At the snack table, in our Conversation Cube, we have a bean that was planted earlier and kept indoors.

“It grew faster because it was planted it a long time ago.”

“It’s warm in the classroom so it grows faster than the ones outside.”

“We give it water because it doesn’t get rained on, it has enough water today.”


At home-

Perhaps you could plant a sunflower seed and see how  quickly it grows. This is a wonderful activity for measuring  progress over time.

You could keep a diary to keep track of how the sunflower grows with photographs or drawings and measurements-it would be lovely to see these at school.