Hello Reception, it’s Miss Smith again here.

We have loved receiving your emails and hearing all about what you are doing at home.

Quite a few of you have told us about some camping adventures you have been on. They look so fun that I thought I would share the idea with everyone. Some of you have camped in tents in your back garden whilst others of you have had a family camping adventure on the driveway in a super cool camper van.

Now I know that the weather is not very good today and a little rainy so you may all think I’ve gone a little mad suggesting that you go camping in the garden! However, when the weather is so dull and rainy I always feel like snuggling up and sometimes even finding somewhere covered to hide. So how about making your very own tent or den inside your house?

You could use cardboard boxes or a table (be careful not to hit your head) and a large blanket or sheet. Look at these examples:

I really like the way that in one of the pictures they have just used a sofa, its large cushions and a sheet to make their den. Try adding in some soft cushions to make it nice and comfortable inside.

Often when people go camping they have picnics. Maybe once you have made your den you could lay a little blanket or tea towel on the floor and have a snack or pretend picnic. You could even invite your teddy or a dolly to join in.

Hope you have fun!