This week in Reception our focus in Maths is Capacity. The children have  put containers in order and discussed why they think they go in the order they chose. The children are being encouraged to think and give reasons for their selections:

“This is taller but it is thinner so it won’t hold as much as this short one.”

“This is wide so it will hold more.”

They then tested their predictions using sand to test the capacity of the containers.


We have also been working with water and predicting how many containers the children estimate it will take to fill a larger container and then testing their predictions.

“I said it would take 3 to fill it up and it was 3 and a little bit so I was very close!”


At home:

When choosing glasses, cups etc for drinks ask your child to estimate which one will hold the most liquid.

When the warm weather returns Capacity is a lovely outdoor activity giving the children a chance to predict how much liquid a container can hold then testing their theories.

You can use virtually anything to test capacity, for instance, how many pom-poms or scrunched up pieces of paper can fill a container.