Changing and Growing

This week in Science We have been having great fun.

We loved looking at baby photos of each other and trying to guess who was who. We definitely found some easier to work out than others. It led to in-depth discussions about how they have changed and grown over the last few years and about the things they can now do that they couldn’t as babies and toddlers. The teachers have been amazed at how much the children can remember from their early lives.

As well as looking back we have also been thinking about the future and what we might be like in 10 to 20 years time. Lots of us think we might be at secondary school or at college or university. Some of us are looking forward to learning to drive and to having jobs of our own.

We also thought ahead to what life might be like when we are much older, possibly even 100 years old. We worked hard on the iPads to age ourselves and we’re even able to record our ideas about life when we were elderly. Here are some of our photos.