Chinese lanterns

Hello Nursery

This week many people will celebrate the start of Chinese New Year also known as the Lunar New Year. This festival is the most important celebration in China and signals the beginning of Spring, and the start of a new Year. Chinese New Year celebrations can last for up to 15 days, the end of the festival is celebrated with the Lantern Festival. The lantern is the main focus of attention of the celebration as it sybolizes the wish for a bright future. Many lanterns are red which is a symbol of happiness and gold which is a symbol of wealth.

Can you make your own Chinese lantern? We made some yesterday in Nursery and they look amazing hanging in the home corner. The children needed a bit of help getting started but really enjoyed helping to draw the lines with a ruler, cutting along the lines and choosing how they wanted to decorate them. We used tissue paper, gold stickers, glitter and scraps of shiny foil to decorate the card lanterns.

Step 1.  Decorate an A4 piece of card or paper. Draw, paint, sticker, sprinkle glitter, stamp, whatever you fancy.

Step 2.  Fold the piece of card in half, lengthways. Use a pair of scissors to cut lines along the fold. It helped us to draw the lines on the card to follow and a line so the children know when to stop cutting. Its not essential to be perfectly spaced out or straight, so encourage them to have a go with the scissors.

Step 3. Then you need to open out your card, and roll your lantern up so that the two shorter sides meet. You can use a stapler or sticky tape to fix them together.

Step 4. Add a handle on the top so you can hang up your lantern, you could use a strip of card or some ribbon. A little battery operated tea light would look lovely inside if you wanted to put it on a table on display.

Happy crafting Nursery x