Cooper the Chihuahua!

Good morning Year 1,

This week, all of our blogs are about pets. Lots of you saw my tiny little dog Cooper a few weeks ago when I read you a story and since then I have received lots of emails about him.

He is only 1 so he’s still learning lots! Before lockdown, I took him to Puppy School…see some dogs even go to school just like you! He is a bit cheeky and was more interested in playing with a little Pug puppy rather than listening to the doggy teacher!

Since lockdown, I have been trying to keep him entertained by playing with him lots in the garden and taking him for extra long walks in the park. Look at the stick he found! I think it’s a bit too big for him!

Do any of you have pets at home? I’d love to see them…email through some photos and maybe we can share them on a future blog for your friends to see!

Take care and have a lovely week!

Miss Bateman