Daily Mile

Reception enjoy taking part in the Daily Mile as part of their exercise every day. In September we started with 2 circuits of the playground, then built it up to 3 circuits. Recently we have set the children  a time challenge; the timer is set for 5 minutes and the children run, walk, skip or jog for that time.

If they get tired walking is encouraged rather than stopping. The children have certainly risen to the challenge!

The children have noticed the greater effort:

“I can feel my heart beating fast”

“I’m getting faster at running”

“I’m getting tired, I’ll walk for a bit.”

This is all good for the children’s awareness of the effect of exercise on their bodies and gives them a chance to let off steam before settling down to learn; it is so good for their mental well being. The adults enjoy joining in, too!

Perhaps you could have a family challenge where you challenge yourselves to improve at some form of exercise. It could be running, bike riding, jumps on the trampoline or whatever each person likes to do or wants to get better at. In this weather it could be jumps in puddles!