Dear Greenpeace by Simon James

Hello children,

Today’s story is another favourite of mine.  I discovered it a long time ago when my children were little.  It’s a story that always makes me feel really happy when I read it.   It’s called Dear Greenpeace and the author is Simon James.         He also wrote another book you recently read.  Do you remember the title?

Dear Greenpeace

You may not know who Greenpeace is.  They’re a group of people who try really hard to make sure that other people are kind to animals and treat them with respect.  They are very famous and work all over the world.

I still can’t quite figure out how a huge whale got into the little girl’s pond.  I’ve done some research and I think I’ve found a possible explanation.  Look at this video and see what you think.

Whales are  magnificent creatures.  Did you know they can ‘talk’ to each other under water?  That’s pretty cool and something we humans wouldn’t be able to do no matter how hard we tried!  Listen to their  songs.  It is very relaxing and can even help you to sleep.

I know some of you have pets.  What do you have to do to feed them and make sure they are really well looked after?  Do you think that Emily is looking after Arthur well?  She’s been investigating to make sure that she does the right things when looking after her whale.  She learns a lot of things about these enormous animals.

What do you know about your pet?  Could you make a list?  What  about making a timetable/schedule  of things you need to do to look after your pet?  For instance, at 8:30 we feed our pet, at 9:00 we walk our pet/clean their cage, etc .  It’s important that pets and us humans have routines.

Think about your routine in Nursery and what we did during the day.   Compare it to your new Reception timetable in September.  There are many things that are the same and most things are pretty similar.  What’s your opinion?

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Howe