Dinosaur activities

Hello Nursery children and families,

this term in Nursery we will be having fun learning about dinosaurs. Whether you are at school or at home there should be something that everyone can enjoy. Look out for Mrs Howe’s story tomorrow to get you thinking about how different each dinosaur in the story can be. Just like people, each different and amazing in our own way!

Here are some ideas of things you could do at home based around our dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur salt dough fossils

What do you need?

  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup of salt

Dinosaur toys – if you don’t have dinosaurs at home you could use animals, shells or plants and flowers collected from the garden or park.

Mix the saltdough ingredients in a bowl, stir and then knead into a ball.

Seperate into small balls, flatten and then press into them using the toy dinosaurs or whatever you have.

You can press the whole body into the salt dough for a ‘complete fossil’ or just the tail or footprint.

Pop in the oven at 180 oC and take out when hard but not brown.

Once dry you can paint them or fill them with playdough to make ‘casts’.

You could bury your fossils in sand or mud and be a paleontologist, digging up diosaur bones, clean them gently with a paintbrush to remove the dirt.


What can the children learn from this activity?

  • Learn about the world we live in- discussions can be promted about how fossils are made, when the dinosaurs were around, where fossils have been found etc
  • Numeracy- Measuring ingredients
  • Physical development- kneading, rolling and pushing into the dough
  • Creativity- decorating and making the fossils.


Dinosaur Measure

Can you measure how tall, long  and big your dinosaurs are? You could use a tape measure, ruler, lego or duplo bricks to do this. You can do this with any of your toys it doesn’t have to be dinosaurs. Can you use your fingers to count how many bricks tall your toy was? Can you do that many jumps or claps to show the number? Could you try to write the number or do some lines or dots on paper to show how many?


Hope you all have a good day and we can get through these challenging times together. Please get in touch if you need support, help or suggestions for home learning.

love from all of the Nursery teachers x