England are through to the final!

We were all very excited today when we came to school. We were so happy that England won the football match last night. Lots of us had fun calling ‘England Won, England Won!’ as we entered our classrooms.

“I was in bed but I knew they won because I heard this really big cheer” said one child.

We have been busy colouring in England flags and making flags using lollipop sticks and sticky tape. We enjoyed waving our flags outside and also practicing our ball skills.

We also made ‘England Team’ ice creams using red and white card and tissue paper. The ice creams were strawberry, raspberry and vanilla flavoured.

What you could do at home:

  • Find out what team your family supports. Do you all support the England team or other countries too?
  • Practice your football skills in the park or your garden. Can you gently dribble the ball in a wiggly line?
  • Make your own flags to wave on Sunday