Father’s Day Cards

On Sunday 21st June it is Father’s Day. It is a day when we thank our Dads, Grandads, Step Dads or anyone that is a father figure in our lives, for taking care of us.

Here are some instructions to make a thumbs up Father’s Day card.


  1. First put an A4 piece of card landscape way around.
  2. Next fold it in half.
  3. After that on a separate piece of paper (preferably a different colour) draw around your wrist and your hand.
  4. Now cut it out.
  5. Stick your wrist to the edge of the folded piece of card and make sure your thumb fits on the front.
  6. Then fold the fingers back and stick them to the palm of the hand. Try not to fold them flat.
  7. Now it should look as though you are giving your dad the thumbs up!
  8. Finally write your message on the front using brightly coloured pens.
  9. Now you are ready to write the inside of the card.   Good luck!