Fire Brigade got busy with bees!

Mrs Bence got a phone call from the fire brigade a little while ago. They had a tricky problem. A swarm of honey bees had decided that their fire truck was a nice place to stay and rest whilst looking for a new home.

The ​fire brigade called me to help because they knew I kept beehives.  They needed to use their fire truck in case of emergencies and were worried the bees would get hurt so I sent Mr Bence to save the day…

He placed a green box underneath the swarm, which would be ​a temporary home for the bees. He then very gently brushed the bees off the handle on to ​a white sheet in front of the green box.

He looked for the Queen to make sure she was on the sheet, if she wasn’t the others wouldn’t go in the new house. Once the Queen walked up the sheet into the new house they all followed her. 

We went back later when it was dark to make sure they where all back, safe and in the green box. We closed their door and moved them to a new hive where they are very happy.

It was a very exciting and beesy day!

Lots of love

Mrs Bence