Firefighter Lizzie

Hello Year 1

I thought I would tell you about  my daughter Lizzie’s exciting new job. She has recently finished her training and is now a firefighter at Watford Fire Station. I am sure you have seen the station on the way into Watford town or maybe seen the fire engines there. (I have learned that they are called fire appliances).  She has been working there for about 2 months and is working very hard and enjoying it a lot.

I asked her what advice I could pass on to you and she said “tell the children to make sure their grown ups are careful if they have a BBQ and if they hear the sirens when they are driving pull aside out of the way so the fire appliance can get through quickly”.

(Lizzie is on the left in the first picture  and third from the right in the third picture, pictures taken before social distancing)


Take care,

See you soon,

Mrs Smith