Flower Press

Hello Reception,

Over the weekend on your walks, see if you can find any pretty wild flowers. Pick a few, take them home and give them a wash. Try this Flower Press and in a few weeks we will see if we can make a picture with them. Remember, only pick the wild flowers and always check with your adult first.

Flower Press

What you need:


Cloth or kitchen towel

Heavy books


What to do:

  • Collect flowers from areas around your home (ensure you have permission to pick flowers)


  • Place two flowers flat on the kitchen towel. Ensure they do not touch as this can impact the pressing.


  • Cover flowers with another sheet of kitchen towel and press down with a heavy book.


  • Leave the flowers for 1 week under the book. It’s good to change the kitchen towel every couple days to drain the moisture.


  • After two weeks remove the books and you have pressed flowers.


  • Use these to decorate books, postcards or add to your scrapbook.


Good luck,

Mrs Slight