As this week was Anti-Bullying Week and we have been having lots of discussions about ways to be the best possible friends we can be to everyone! We have been reflecting on steps we can all take if we have a worry or are upset about how someone else has treated us.

We recapped the steps we should take outside:

  1. Say “stop” and hold your hand out in front of you to signal to the other person to stop
  2. Explain how you feel “I don’t like you chasing me because it makes me scared”
  3. Go to an adult for extra support if necessary

The Year 1 children were very sensible during all of our circle time’s and recognised that sometimes, because we are often so full of beans and on the move…we can accidentally bump into someone and not meant to hurt their feelings.

Here are some of our ideas of how to be amazing friends:

“Ask someone to play with you”

“Play with different people”

“Let people join in your games”

“Use your manners”

“Smile at your friends”

“Tell them jokes and make them smile”


We are very proud of you Year 1’s!