Fun quiz

Hello Zebras and Elephants

We hope you have all had a super weekend.

Here is a fun quiz from some of our favourite story books:

1, What is tiddler?

(dog) (cat) (fish) (bird)

2, What colour are the Gruffalo’s spines?

(green) (purple) (blue) (white)?

3 Who’s house was made of sweets in the story of Hansel and Gretel?

(The Wolf)  (The Fairy)  (The Witch)  (The Wizard)

4 Who does the Gruffalo’s child NOT meet in the woods?

(Owl)  (Fox)  (Snake)  (Hippo)

5 How did the Whale carry the Snail?

(On his tail)  (On his head)   (On his mouth)  (He dropped him in the sea)

6 What breakfast did the Three Bears leave on the table when they went for a walk?

(Toast)  (Cornflakes)   (Rice krispies)  (Porridge)

7 What did the Dragon from Room on the broom want for his tea?

(Witch and ketchup) (Witch and chips) (Witch and ice cream) ( Witch and peas)

8 What does Zog win a gold star for?

(Winning a running race)  (Capturing a princess)  (Singing the loudest)  (Flying fastest)

9 Who tried to blow the Three little pigs house down?

(Big bad Dragon)  (Big bad Tiger)  (Big bad Wolf)  (Big bad Bear)

10 Finish the song from’ We’re going on a bear hunt’. “We cant go over it we cant go under it ?

(Oh no we’ve got to jump on it)  (Oh no we’ve got to wait here)  (Oh no we’ve got to go through it)  (Oh no we’ve got to go home)

we will post the answers later this week.

Reception team.