Gardening…the final Reception update…maybe

The Reception children continue to  enjoy gardening outside, there is never a shortage of children wanting to get busy. They are  keen to help with all the different jobs, weeding, planting and watering and are getting very knowledgeable about what plants need to help them grow well.

“They need water but we can’t give them too much or they will not grow; you can’t just water them all the time!”

“It is sheltered under here (near the roof) so they don’t get as much sun but it isn’t too windy, so that’s good.”

The children have been learning about how worms help keep the soil healthy by eating all the old decaying plant material and putting nutrients back in the soil. “It’s like they are tidying up for us!”

The last job will be preparing the flower beds to hand over to the new Reception children in September!

At home:

It is lovely if children can, or want to, help in the garden but even just planting a few seeds in a pot teaches them  about plants and their needs. Growing plants is also a good mindfulness activity teaching us patience and how rewarding it is to nurture living things.

Learning about the minibeasts that live in the outdoors is rewarding as well. Finding out about the role of worms, for example, or bees and ladybirds and how they all have a job in our gardens is fascinating to children.