Goodnight Moon activity ideas

Hello Nursery, it’s Mrs Hill here  I am really missing all your lovely smiling faces.

I hope you are enjoying the story Goodnight Moon that Mrs Howe read for you?  You will need a good night sleep after all the playing at home you have been doing. It has been great to see all the pictures of the things you are getting up to with your families.

We have had some ideas about things you could do at home inspired by the Goodnight Moon story.

Can your grown up put some objects from the story on a tray (phone, red balloon, cow, bears, kitten, mitten, toy house, mouse, comb, brush, along with objects not in the story). If you look carefully they may have tricked you, some of the things on the tray are not in the story.

Can you sort the objects into different groups? You may have to listen to the story a few times to remember.

Can you think about how it would feel to go to the moon? What would you wear? What might you see on the way? What would you do when you get there?

A fun activity would be to turn a doll or toy into a space person. Can you wrap them in silver foil? You could make a rocket for them to get to the moon. You could use things you have already like toilet rolls or empty cereal boxes.

You could make some moon dough. You can add food colouring or dark paint, glitter, sequins or tin foil to make it shiny and sparkly.



Before you go to bed tonight have look at the sky and see if you can spot the moon and stars. Is it a big round full moon or a crescent shape?

Have fun !

Love from all of the Nursery teachers x