Green eggs and Ham taste test

Hello Nursery,

Did you enjoy the Green eggs and ham rhyming story that Mrs Howe read?

Do you remember the character in the story and how sure he was that he didn’t like the taste of Green eggs and ham? He really didn’t want to try that new flavour did he? Do you ever feel like that when Mummy or Daddy cook you a new dinner or put something new on your plate that you are a bit worried about tasting? Well, the character in the book took a risk and tasted the green eggs and ham and guess what? He loved it and it was his new favourite food. Do you think he felt proud of himself for trying something new?

At my house this week my children have tried some new tastes, they were a bit nervous at first but they did it. My son helped to make bubble and squeek cakes to go with his sausages and he liked them. My daughter who really loves plain food tried some sushi and soy sauce and really suprised us when she gave it a thumbs up. Did you know that children aged 3/4 may need to try something 15 times before developing a taste for it?

Maybe you could try a taste test activity at home. Can you find out which foods are salty, sour, sweet, spicy or bitter? When you taste the food use some describing words to tell your grown up what you think. Could your grown up give you some new words to use to help you explain the taste and texture of that food. To make it more fun you could use a blindfold.



You could explore your sense of smell with some different smelling playdough. Here are a few ideas for your grown ups to use. Are there any flowers or herbs in your garden you could put into your playdough?

It is really fun to help make lunch. Spreading that butter and chopping the fruit and vegetables will really help those hands to get strong. How about chopping up your ham with some clean scissors? Or making a silly face sandwich perhaps with a new ingredient that you haven’t tried before.



Most importantly have fun, happy tasting and remember this from Green eggs and ham

‘You do not like them. So you say.

Try them! Try them! And you may.

Try them and you may, i say.’

Love from Mrs Hill and all of the nursery teachers x