Half Term Fun!

Hi Year One!

I hope you have been keeping busy.  The Goodwins had a great time joining in with the Rob Biddulph world record breaking draw along last week, as suggested by Miss O’Donnell.  Here are our results:

I hope you have lots of fun activities planned for half term this week.

Today I thought I’d show you how to draw a 3D hand picture as we have really enjoyed doing these in my house recently.

You will need:

Drawing paper, a pencil, felt tip pens/ colouring pencils


1) Place your hand, or your grown up’s hand, on the paper making sure the fingers are spread out evenly.

2) With a pencil or pen, carefully draw round the hand.

3) With a felt tip pen draw a straight horizontal line starting from the left of the page. Stop when you reach the outline of the hand. You can use the same coloured pen or use different colours for each line.

4) When you reach the hand outline draw a curved line across the inside part of the hand.

5) Once you get to the other side of your hand, draw a straight horizontal line over to the right edge of the paper.

6) Continue drawing lines in this way so they are roughly parallel, making sure that each time you reach a part of the hand (finger, wrist or palm) you curve the line.


If you would like to you can colour in the stripes you have made.

Here are the hands two of my children created:

Take a look at these other shapes you can create in 3D using the same technique.

Let us know how you get on by sending us any pictures you do at home.  We love to read your e mails and see what you have been doing.

Happy Drawing!

Love Mrs. Goodwin x