Hello Panthers and Lions!

It’s Mrs Gavriel here.

I hope you are all well – I am missing you all so much!

I have really enjoyed hearing about all the things you have been getting up to and looking at photos of the fantastic home learning you have been doing!

As many of you know, I have two children. We have been busy doing all sorts of things over the past weeks. One of the things we have really enjoyed is a home scavenger hunt that I made up – and I thought maybe you would like to give it a go! Below is a list of things you have to try and find around your home (inside and outside). Try and be as imaginative as you can and I would love to see some photos or read about things you have managed to find. Happy hunting!

  1. Something red.
  2. Something beginning with the letter ‘p’.
  3. Something furry.
  4. Something that has a number written on it.
  5. Something with your name on it.
  6. Something made of wood.
  7. Something living.
  8. Something soft.
  9. Something beginning with the letter ‘s’.
  10. Something yellow.