Hi from Mrs. Goodwin

Hi Year One!  How are you all?

I am loving reading the e mails we are receiving from you telling us what you have been doing.  I particularly like the ones with photos showing your lovely smiley faces that we are all missing so much.

Recently in the Goodwin household we created some homemade cards to send to some of our family and friends.

I made a 3D cat card for my cousin, Cate, who is celebrating her birthday on Sunday.  Roseanna, 9 years old, made a Stickman card for Auntie Michelle, Uncle Ric and Jack and included some holiday photos of special memories we have shared.  Charlotte, 12 years old, made a unicorn card for her friend Violet who was her buddy at primary school last year and celebrating her 6th birthday.  Ella, 14 years old,  made a very clever card for Nanny and Grandad by sewing paper hearts on to it.  Which is your favourite?…

Maybe you could make a card or write a letter to somebody to give them a special surprise and cheer them up.  Tell them all the things you have been up to and remember to use your best handwriting so they can read the message!  If you’re not sure who to write a letter or card to, then send one to school for me or another school grown up please!!!  We all love receiving cards and letters and we really love the pictures you draw.

I will be checking the post each Friday I go in to school from now on!…

See you all soon

Love Mrs. Goodwin  x