How did a T-Rex clean its teeth?

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed Miss Smith’s Joe Wick’s suggestion and are all keeping active. It’s important to keep moving and stay healthy!

We have often been talking, drawing and reading about Dinosaurs in class. We even read about one which managed to somehow poop a planet! I studied history so have always been fascinated by things from the past.

I’m sure all of you have heard of. T-Rex, as I have heard you making his roars in the playground and playing with toys in the classroom/sandpit! I know some of you have seen a fossilised T-Rex skeleton in the Natural History Museum down in London.

Did You Know?

  • T-Rex’s full name is Tyrannosaurus Rex, which means Tyrant Lizard!
  • Even though T-Rex was big and heavy, he was still very fast and could run an estimated 25mph.
  • T-Rex’s head was so big and strong it could have bitten through a car.
  • Some of you have told me that Miss Smith and I may be taller than a T-Rex. Unfortunately a T-rex was a lot taller, and adults reached sizes larger than a double decker bus!


Can you draw a picture of a T-rex? What colours would it have been? How big was it? What other dinosaurs lived at the same time as T-Rex?

Have fun and send in your questions/ pictures here: 

I look forward to hearing from you, and writing the next blog on the largest dinosaur ever!

Mr. Salih