Ice Bowling

We hope you all enjoyed the snow yesterday, it’s been lovely to see all the snowmen you have made.
Here is a fun maths activity which you could do in this cold weather.

What you need:

  • Fill some balloons with water, add food colouring or paint, and freeze over night
  • Fill some plastic bottles with water to create homemade skittles


To play:

  • Roll a ball and see how many skittles you knock down
  • Record how many skittles you knocked down to keep score (you could make a tally chart or write the number)


This activity could be used as a gentle introduction to subtraction. Ask questions such as:
‘How many skittles are we starting with?’  ‘How many did we knock down?’  ‘How many are left?’
Make statements such as ‘so 6 skittles take away 2 skittles leaves us with 4 skittles left standing’.