Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a Quetzalcoatlus!

I hope you have been having fun and working through your school activities!

Last week we looked into some amazing facts about the titan dinosaur that was Argentinosaurs. But due to its massive size, it plodded along the ground and ate vegetation. However, there were giant flying reptiles that ruled the skies. The largest of these giant flying reptiles (Pterosaurs) was called Quetzalcoatlus, and it was the size of a small plane!

Did You Know?

·    Quetzalcoatlus has an estimated wingspan of up to 11m (339 ft).

·   Despite being able to fly, it used to walk on all fours on land!

·    Quetzalcoatlus was an incredibly powerful flyer, able to fly for 7-10 days at speeds nearly reaching 80mph! Thats faster than a car on the motorway…

·    A newly discovered flying titan Hatzegopteryx has been estimated to be perhaps even bigger!


  • Maybe you could make your own flying pterosaur out of paper? What colour would it be? How would you fold it to make its wings longer, and fly further?
  • Could you find any other pterosaurs, then send an email telling me about your favourite one and tell me why?

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Next week, something lurks in the deep! What could it possibly be?

Mr. Salih