Kindness Counts!

It is always important to be kind and we talk a lot at school about being kind to each other.  It is particularly important to be kind to each other at the moment.

The grown ups in Year 1 have all been thinking about different ways they have been kind to others and how others have been kind to them.  Perhaps you have done some of these or have found other ways to be kind and helpful.  It would be lovely to hear about it; you could e mail us to tell us.

Miss Bateman: “I recorded a story for my niece for her bedtime story and I made cookies for my sister and her family.”

“For my birthday my family decorated the house and made me a special Dubai themed breakfast because my Dubai holiday got cancelled.”

Mrs. Smith: “I have taken medicine and food to my neighbours when they couldn’t get to the shops.”

“Someone left a rose on my doorstep on St. George’s Day.  Other neighbours got them as well so someone was being very kind.”

Miss O’Donnell: “My neighbours have been baking cakes and giving them to us.”

“I sent a parcel of goodies to my friend who has just had her first baby.”

Mrs. Goodwin:  “A kind neighbour gave us seeds to plant because we couldn’t get to the shops, so soon we will have cucumbers, basil, onions and carrots!”

“We all made cupcakes for Roseanna’s friend’s brother who was sixteen last week.  Roseanna also made bracelets to send to her friends.”

Mrs. Barnes: “I have donated to the foodbank every week and Zach and I baked cakes and my sister took them to work at the hospital.”

“My friends organised a disco on Zoom for my birthday.”

Mrs. Gavriel: “I organised a collection of goodies for the staff at Watford Hospital.  A friend of mine works there and she took them in.”

“My boys have been really good and doing chores around the house.  That has helped me a lot.”


Keep being kind to each other,

Mrs Smith