Last Day of Term

Good morning Reception,

This is officially your last day as an Elephant or Zebra! How exciting. Its been a funny old year but you have all come through this shining like the stars that I know you are. You should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am very proud of you all!

We all now have 6 weeks holiday but don’t forget to keep up with reading, this could be a magazine, restaurant menu or a map of a local park. Draw, make pictures of what you see, keeping them as memories. Count, see if you can help with the weekly shopping by paying using the correct money. Its amazing what you can learn doing fun things. Writing, make a list of the things you would like to do this summer, build a den, make a cake.

I have found some fun things you can do over the summer, some challenges but also some fun stuff too:

Make some spoon puppets and put on a show

Make your own counting string with some beads on a piece of wool, this could help with your counting

Make your own scavenger hunt to do while on a walk

Make ice lollies using your favourite fruit

Keep a diary

Keep up with your daily exercise

Build a Lego city

Attached are some more ideas to keep you busy over the summer but the most important thing is to:

have fun, relax and get recharged ready for your Year 1 adventure.

Have a wonderful summer and good luck in your adventures in Year 1.

Best wishes, The Reception Team