Manners and Munching

The teachers have been challenging the year 1’s to practice their cutting skills in the dining room at lunchtimes.

The children have been working so hard to ensure they are holding their cutlery correctly, cutting their food independently and using good manners whilst having lunch with their friends.  Mrs Kemp has praised all of the Year 1  children on making the dining room “such a lovely restaurant!”


How you can support your child’s learning at home:

  • Encourage your child to cut up their own breakfast and dinner, praising their efforts and perseverance.
  • Try to sit down and have dinner together at least once a week to model good table manners whilst enjoying some family time to talk about your day.
  • As a family, set yourself a challenge of trying a new food every week…it might be a food you have never tried before or a food you tried a long time ago. Model to your children that you are being adventurous!