Maths – Number 10

Hello Everyone,

This week we will look at number 10 and we are in double digits!  We can start with singing our number songs.   Take a look at our usual number line.  Answer our usual questions – Where is number ten in the number line?  Which numbers is it in between?  Is it a big or little number?  How many digits (numbers) do you need to make 10?   How many different ways can you find to make 10 with your fingers?  That’s a trick question, can you tell me why?  What other interesting facts do you know about number 10?

Number Line, 1-10 | ClipArt ETC


Now look at this number line.  Do your answers change for any of those questions when you look at this new number line?

Image result for number line to 20

Go for a number ten hunt when you go out for a walk or find 10 things around the house. How many different number 10’s can you find?   Make a tower of 10 duplo bricks using two different colours.  What combinations can you come up with? Is there someone in your family that is 10 years old ? Maybe someone in your family has that day, month or year in their birthday.  Write and let us know please!  Play active maths today and do 10 different exercises.  Can you do 10 claps?  What about 10 foot stomps?  Could you make 10 snow angels?  Fingers crossed!

Write 10 with your magic finger. There are two numbers you will need to write and those numbers definitely, absolutely, unquestionably HAVE to go in this order.  First number 1, it starts up at the top and goes straight down.  Can you stand straight and tall like number one?  Next we write the zero. Start up at the top and go around in a circle.  Write this right next to the number 1.   This is why zero is a superhero.  When you put zero behind a number it turns it into a bigger number.

This site has themes and might be of interest to you.  I’m not a fan of all the advertising by a certain world-wide online distribution network for goods and services, which shall remain nameless but there are some fabulous ideas.  It is also very ‘American’, so be aware that not everything translates well.  It’s not rocket science by any means but can have you scratching your head.  Fancy terminology doesn’t actually change the fact that 5 plus 5 equals 10.  Any questions about the lingo, please email!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Mitzman, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Bence