Maths – Number 7

Hi everyone,

This week we will look at number 7.   We can start with singing our number songs.   Where is number seven in the number line?

Number Line, 1-10 | ClipArt ETC

Is it a big number or a little one?   Which numbers does it sit between?

Can you find 7 items?  Go around your home and find 7 socks or 7 towels.  See how many different things you can find.  Can you do 7 star jumps, head nods, claps or lion roars?  Everyone in your family can have a turn and see how many different things you can find and how many different ways you stomped, spinned or jumped to make 7.

Write 7 with your magic finger.  Start at the top and go straight across then diagonally down.   Write it in the air, on your elbow, on your knee, foot, arm.

Number Seven Writing On The Sand Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 16851060.


Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care, stay safe, 

The Nursery Team