Melting and Freezing

In Year 1 this week we explored melting and freezing. First we discussed what these words mean to us. The children came up with ideas of where they have seen melting water and solid ice. Year 1 came up with ideas such as lakes, ice creams and ice lollies.

This week we completed an observing experiment where we held an ice cube in our hands and watched it melt.  We were stunned at just how fast our ice cubes melted!

We also completed an observation over time to see how long it would take for water to become a solid. We wanted to find out if it takes longer for liquid  to become a solid or for a solid to become a liquid.  We put water in our school freezer and checked on it throughout the day. We checked it after one hour and the water still had not become a solid. We were very excited to see the water become ice the very next day.

We found out that the ice took longer to freeze than to melt in our warm hands. Have a look at our excited faces watching the ice melt!

How to help at home:

  • Time how long it takes for an ice cube to melt in your hands.
  • Create an experiment to compare what different materials will melt the ice the quickest.
  • Reinforce the language of ‘solid, liquid, melt and freeze’ in a variety of contexts at home e.g eat your solid ice lolly before it melts and becomes a liquid!