Memories of Reception….Continued

World Book Day  was enjoyed by the children in school alongside their friends at home who joined in via a Zoom chat where the children showed each other their costumes and books.

We had lots of fun experimenting and finding out during Science Week


Reception always enjoy exploring and making discoveries. A big part of our work is predicting, estimating, problem solving and improving our ideas.

Sometimes the best days are the ones we can’t plan for…Windy weather and kites!

A very exciting time in Early Years was when Nursery had some chicken eggs to hatch. Reception loved seeing them hatch out and grow. We were very lucky to be able to keep track of their progress when they found a forever home with 2 children from school.  The chickens even sent us postcards!

And finally, looking forward to holidays again and lots of outdoor fun in the sunshine. We had a practise with some role play and camping days.

Miss Smith and Mrs Smith and the rest of the Reception Team have had a lovely year making lots of memories with  Zebras and Elephants, Thank you very much – it’s been fun!