Mindful Monday

Hello Nursery,

It’s Mrs Mitzman, how are you all?  We hope you are all keeping safe, staying well and looking after each other.  Thank you for all your wonderful emails, pictures and videos they make us so happy seeing you all!

There are lots of changes happening at the moment aren’t there!  Here is a little activity you may like to do with your grown up, it’s all about changes that happen around you, can you spot any?

I have really enjoyed my daily hour exercise, sometimes I go for a walk in the fields and sometimes I walk around Bushey.  I really enjoy looking at all the beautiful rainbows in the windows of the houses, perhaps I’ve passed your house and seen a rainbow in your window?

It made me think how much I miss doing yoga with you and practicing our breathing every day.  Are you still practicing your yoga?  You were all getting so good at focusing and standing on one leg and balancing like a flamingo!

I thought that I would read you a story it’s a mindful story all about a beautiful rainbow.  A mindful story means that you need to get comfy, cosy and relaxed and listen to it with your eyes gently closed.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you (it should be on the link below).


How about doing some Cosmic Kids yoga – this one is all about Coco the Butterfly, Coco is changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  Can you spot the rainbow in the story?  Can you try the rainbow pose?  Keep practicing we look forward to seeing your poses when we see you next.

Afterwards perhaps you could sing a long with Mr Tumble while he sings ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ you might want to sign along with him too using your hands?

How about making your own rainbow?  Below is a simple rainbow experiment to try.

To make your own rainbow, you will need:

  • a glass of water
  • a sunny window
  • a sheet of white paper

Place a glass of water near a sunny window.  For best results, look for a direct beam of sunlight.  As the sunlight passes through the water the sunlight is separated into a spectrum of colours which form a rainbow.

What happens if you change the size of the glass of water?

What about if you were to put your hand on the paper?

What happens if you place the paper further away from the glass?

If there were no signs of rain would you be able to see a rainbow outside? Why or why not?

We would love to see any pictures of your experiment or pictures of you doing your super duper yoga poses.  Also please let me know if you enjoyed the story, if so I have lots more so I would happily read to you again.

Enjoy your day everyone,

Love from

All your nursery teachers xx