Mindful Monday 15th June 2020

Hello everyone,

It’s Mindful Monday again and wow didn’t that week fly by even faster than Peter Pan!

Empathy is quite a big word but a very important word for us all to learn about.  Here is Sesame Street explaining all about what the word empathy means and why it is so important….

I thought I would start with a fabulous story that you may have heard of or read before it’s called Giraffes Can’t Dance.  You may have this book at home which if you have you could get someone in your family to help you read it, otherwise click below for the YouTube version.

Whilst you are listening to the story have a think….

How do you think Gerald feels at the beginning of the story?

How do you think Gerald feels by the end of the story?

What about the Cricket in the story, how did he help Gerald and do you think he was a good friend to Gerald?

Get Active!

Here is a musical version of the book, why not get up and have a dance?  You could dance like Gerald or, make up your own dance by dancing in your very own unique and special way just like Gerald?  Do you know what musical instrument is being played in the version below?  Listen very carefully and have a think and I’ll tell you at the end of the blog!

Try giraffe pose with Jaime from Cosmic Kids…


Activity Time!

Here are some lovely activities for you to try

Gerald the Giraffe


Lulu’s Feelings Funsheet


Feelings Dice


Name that Feeling

We all have different feelings at different times and when we feel a certain way we may show it with our body or our face.  You may be able to tell when people are feeling sad, happy, frightened or worried by the way they are looking. You could play the game below with your family and see if you can all ‘name that feeling’.  Do you think that the cricket in the story knew how Gerald was feeling just by looking at him?

Random Acts of Kindness

What is a Random Act of Kindness?  A random act of kindness is where you surprise someone by doing something kind for them, sometimes they are done in secret so the other person doesn’t even know who did it! There are some ideas below but you probably have lots of your own ideas too.  It is such a fun thing to do and when I do it I love seeing how happy it makes people and then I feel good too!  Let us know what random acts of kindness you have done, you could make a chart like the girl below and colour in a heart every time you complete one kind act.

100 acts of kindness free printable tracking chartDownload free printable Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids.


Fill up your heart

Why not go outside and find some stones or some sticks and make a heart shape, then fill up your heart with lovely things, you could write kind words on pieces of paper and put it in your heart or you could get photographs or draw pictures of things or people/animals that you love and put those in your heart too.  If you run out of room in your heart just make your heart bigger!  Your heart always has room for kind thoughts and kind words, in fact the more kindness you show the bigger your heart becomes – wow!

Heart Seed Bombs

Try making some heart shaped seed bombs, nature will love you for it, click on the link below to find out how…



Quiet Time!

Here is Jaime from Cosmic Kids again with a beautiful meditation ‘Be the Pond’ all about your feelings.

Here is another quiet time activity that you can do…

Oooh I feel so relaxed now, I hope you do too.  Don’t forget to email us any pictures of you doing any of the activities, we love seeing them.

Sending you lots of love from our hearts to yours,

Mrs Mitzman and all of your Nursery Teachers xxx

P.S. The instrument is called a ukulele, it looks a bit like a small guitar and it comes from Hawaii which is an island in the Pacific Ocean.  A ukulele looks like this…