Mindful Monday

Hello everyone, it’s Mindful Monday again and today is all about…..


This was inspired by a superhero drawing emailed to us from Carter in Nursery.

Thank you Carter for your fabulous work of art and for inspiring me to write this post!

Have you tried making your own superhero just like Carter, well I had a go and this is mine below.

My superhero name is Mystify and her super power today is love and kindness which shoots out of her bun in glitter and showers everyone she meets.  Her welly boots are super speedy and super springy which means she can get to places really fast!  I would love to see your superhero pictures too!

You may want to change your superhero power depending on how your are feeling that day, sometimes it may be courage or sometimes peace or kindness, it’s your choice, sometimes you may want to tell yourself that ‘you can do it’ if you are a bit nervous about trying something out for the first time?


Sometimes you might need help to find your superhero power, did you know that even superheroes need help too?  They sometimes feel anxious, nervous, worried or scared, so do you know what they do when they feel like this?  Well they use their superhero breathing of course, you have probably seen them doing it, it looks like this superhero in the picture below, Mystify is doing it too in my drawing above.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Stand up tall with your feet hip width apart (like the superhero above).
  2. Put your hands on your hips.
  3. Keep your chin up, shoulders down and chest out. You could even pretend that you have a cape on!
  4. Now take 3 nice big slow deep breaths in and out (Merry Hill children are very good at this).
  5. After your 3 breaths you may want to tell yourself what your superpower is, it could be “I am strong” or “I am confident” or “I am calm”.

Have a go and see how you feel afterwards!

Love and kindness is Mystify’s special power today so she thought she would send you this activity to do, have a go and see how you feel after, it’s a lovely feeling to be able to spread some love and kindness to those around you.

Do you have some playground chalk at home?  If you do you could try the following activity and pretend you are a superhero flying through the air.

How about trying the Spider Power yoga pose from Cosmic Kids below;

Mystify is off now to save the planet so may your day be full of love and kindness everyone,

Take care,

Lots of love,

Nursery xxx