Mindful Monday

Sharing is Caring image

Sharing is still caring – even from a social distance


Hello everyone and welcome back to another Mindful Monday!

What can we share in this present moment?

It’s not just our possessions like our toys that we can share, we can share lots of things, can you think of anything?

Right now it is very difficult to share our toys with our friends isn’t it and I know that Merry Hill children love to share.

So, if we can’t share our toys right now what can we share?  Have a think, here are some ideas that may help you…

Sharing a Kind Word

Brighten someone's day with kindness

Sharing a kind word with someone doesn’t just make them feel happy but it makes you feel happy too.


Why don’t you try playing a game of how many kind words you can say to people in a day.  In our house we always try and notice all the good things about each other.  The more positive things we say the more we feel positive inside.

Sharing Ideas

Perhaps you went somewhere fun on a walk with your family, why not tell a friend so that they can go too.  Have you done a fun activity or watched a film you found really funny, perhaps you could let your friends know so they can try it out too.

Sharing a Kind Thought

It’s nice to send special kind thoughts to others, try this lovely meditation from Cosmic Kids.

Share a Smile

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours! A simple smile can change someone's day!

You could really make someones day just by smiling – how amazing is that, such a simple thing to do too!

Just smile, easy peasy!

Share Your Feelings

Share how you are feeling, emotions change all the time a bit like the weather.  Sometimes you may be happy or excited or sometimes you may feel worried, angry or sad.  Don’t worry these are all normal feelings, perhaps you can share your feelings with someone in your family or with a special toy, perhaps you prefer to write your feelings down.

Share a Story

You may have just listened or read a story you really like, share what you thought with a friend so that they can read it too.

I will share a story with you now which I love it’s called Sharing a Shell, one of my very favourite books!

Share a Game

Hunt the Treasure Game

When you next go on a walk try hiding a stone (the treasure) that you have decorated and leave it somewhere for a friend to find, maybe you could give them some clues as to where it could be so when they go on their walk they can hunt for it, maybe you write a message for them on the stone!

Connie the Snake

In King George V Park in Bushey a family have started a snake called Connie, what a great idea!  Is it still there?  Let me know if it is?  Perhaps you could share in the fun by placing a stone there too and helping Connie get bigger and bigger.

Share Your Love for the Planet

Visit the World Wildlife Fund http://www.wwf.org.uk for some fun activities and for learning all about our beautiful, incredible planet and then share what you have learnt with your friends.

Quiet Time

This is a beautiful mindful story about fairies and pixies, they are sharing a picnic.  Perhaps you can imagine that it’s you and your nursery friends or you could make up your own mindful story about sharing.  Just because we can’t physically share with our friends we can always imagine sharing with our friends instead.

So hopefully we will be able to share our toys again soon but until then remember there are so many other ways that we can share to show we care!

See you next week for another Mindful Monday and thank you for sharing your time with me.

Take care,

Lots of love

Mrs Mitzman and all the Nursery teachers xxx